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    Cashius McNeilly & Emanuel Miller (Texas A&M) both in the portal

    Adding the 2 A&M guys seemed like the only hope to patch over a roster in transition over the next couple of years. Barring Johnson competing for and landing any of the other notable transfers out there, this is a roster that feels like will be in a world of hurt for the next several seasons.
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    Inexperience, injuries have Ryan Day concerned about Ohio State readiness

    Umm, all I can say is wow. Jack Sawyer, the #2 recruit in the 2021 class and early enrollee had FOUR sacks in their spring game today. Already getting comparisons to Chase Young and the Bosa brothers from those close to the program. They are also reportedly favored to land the #1 recruit in the...
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    Sean Stherlin Commited

    That's where I'm at. Excited for what Ben is able to do as he gets more traction but resigned to the fact that this is probably a bottom end B1G team for the next two years. Not a popular opinion to voice, but I'm just speaking honestly. I'll say that if Ben can close the borders more, we're...
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    Sean Stherlin Commited

    Totally, he's trying to find bandaids while building the program he wants to build, which IMO starts with the 2022 class. Guess I'm just a little underwhelmed with the transfers we've added thus far (outside of Battle, excited for him) considering what other P5 teams are adding through the...
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    Sean Stherlin Commited

    If you've seen him play extensively and truly believe he's going to be a guy that can impact winning in the B1G, awesome! I'll take your word. That being said, who besides Battle is going to be able to hit an outside jumper for us next year (even when left wide open)? That's the million dollar...
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    Sean Stherlin Commited

    Very fair response, I can respect that. I just don't believe there's any reason a B1G team can't go out and compete for (and land) higher impact transfers especially with how saturated the portal is these days. I can start to get excited if we can land any of the Groves brothers, Kyler Edwards...
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    Sean Stherlin Commited

    I don't want to come off as a downer here (and realize it will come off as such) but this just doesn't move the needle for me. Have we really evolved into a program that takes New Hampshire role players and gets excited about it? His shooting numbers are horrible and we need capable shooters...
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    All Things Gophers Basketball Class of 2022 Recruiting Thread

    I know it's important to recruit nationally, but 2022 is the perfect time to reverse the trend and show that MN kids belong as Gophers. Tre Holloman, Cam Heide, Eli King would be massive in bringing this program back to Big Ten and national relevancy. That'd be a hell of a guard/wing haul in a...
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    Official 2022 Gophers Football Recruiting Thread: Links, Tweets, Videos, Rumors

    Doesn't seem likely that Holloman will end up actually playing 2 sports in college, but doesn't mean it'd be impossible if he was 100% committed to that plan (esp. a year or more from now). Jameis Winston, Kyler Murray, Russell Wilson, our own Eric Decker, etc all played 2 sports in college...
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    All Things 2021 Gophers Basketball Recruiting Thread

    This dude is just what the doctor ordered for Minnesota. Well rounded combo forward who is especially known for his shooting abilities. Hope Johnson can find a way to add him to the 2021 class.
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    New Transfer Commit: Luke Loewe from W&M

    Seems like a decent enough add (not sure what the expectations are from ppl, we aren't Duke). That being said, he doesn't do anything to help our outside shooting woes. It's absolutely imperative that Coach Johnson adds a few solid perimeter shooters to compliment some of these guys, especially...
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    2021-2022 Roster

    Yeah, I'd expect a 11th/12th place finish with a lineup like that next year. Luckily, I believe Ben will assemble talent to form a starting 5 better than that. I can't imagine its his goal to have Gach or Ihnen in the starting lineup next year.
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    Tre' Williams enters the Portal

    Never in my wildest dreams would I expect all those players to come home, or anything close. Where did I state that? I simply made a list of Minnesota guys in the portal (or speculated to be entering the portal) who could potentially be Gophers next year. I'm sure Ben Johnson is going to be...
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    Tre' Williams enters the Portal

    Personally I have more question marks about El Amin than Fox. Fox is freakishly athletic, has some nifty body control around the basket, and can attack off the dribble. His rim protection also translates anywhere.
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    Tre' Williams enters the Portal

    Are you really going to deflect the original point by pretending like El-Amin, Battle, Race, Fox, and Garcia wouldn't absolutely wipe the floor against Mash, Tre, Mutaf, Omersa, and Freeman? I'll take any of those guys in a heart beat. Let's see where were at when we know what guys will be...
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    Tre' Williams enters the Portal

    If you truly think the guys who have transferred out from Gophers are in the same realm as the Minnesota guys I mentioned you have lost your mind.
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    Tre' Williams enters the Portal

    And the crazy thing is we might be better because of it. All the players transferring from the Gophers are low grade players outside of Mash. The only 2 I care about keeping are Gabe and Robbins. By my math this leaves 7 open scholarships to fill. This leaves adequate room for Jamison Battle...
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    Pohto and Thompson, do they stay?

    Frankly, I'd be fine if neither of them end up here. I don't see either of them as being a key piece of a strong Gopher team in future years. Would rather we save those scholarships + ones freed up by additional transfers to hit the transfer portal hard and have a larger 2022 class in terms of...
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    NCAA Tournament Thoughts

    Anyone else feel like Illinois should be more worried about a Sweet 16 clash with Oklahoma State than a potential Elite 8 matchup against Houston. I think the Pokes are both more talented, and riding more momentum at the moment; a scary combo. Cade Cunningham is going to be a heck of a show in...

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