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    Despite flurry of activity, Gophers men’s basketball roster still has major questions

    Could Ben have gotten off to a worst start. Where are all these guys now Ben is a great recruiter. Yikes this is embarrassing how bad he has done. Not one power 5 kid, about 2000 kids in free agency with guarantee starting spots and we can’t land anyone worth a darn. Can’t get Minnesota kids...
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    Guess the Ws record for BJs first year.

    This team will be horrible Might be the worst u have ever seen. 5-7 wins total.
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    B1G Way Too Early Power Rankings

    Lol this is hilarious! With this team and staff currently we are clearly finishing last by a ways. If we win 7 total games next year we should be excited. 0-2 big ten games would be a great accomplishment. We have landed one power 5 guy. We lost real big ten players Carr Liam Mash. U replaced...
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    Gabe in Portal

    Nice. I thought he would be handed another starting spot he didn’t deserve.
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    Joe Nelson: All of a sudden, Gophers' 2020 starting 5 could be really good

    My Best lineup PG carr SG Gach SF Ihnen PF Johnson C Robbins Everyone has Gabe in the lineup not sure why. He was terrible last season and only does one thing we’ll play defense. Sorry that isn’t a starting lineup worthy with this depth. Bench Mash Gabe Curry Tre Mitchell Love this...
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    All Things Class of 2020 Recruiting Thread

    Are u that gullible ?? Of course there talking to players on other teams. Just think once they allow 1 time transfers. Who will teams come after? U think we will be able to keep Carr? Inhen?
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    Brett McMurphy: The Case for a 16-Team College Football Playoff Grows Stronger

    8 is ideal to me but definitely ok with 16. It needs to get done soon.
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    Minnesota Head Basketball Coach Want List

    They definitely will get stronger when they land guys like Oturo, Lamar Stevens great players on decent teams versus a top player like Hurt who u are not sure what your getting. And on flip side 2 programs that need to keep these guys just to have a chance no longer make the tournament. The gap...
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    Minnesota Head Basketball Coach Want List

    When is hiring a new coach just remember there is going to be a new rule in college basketball. Free agency. Will u be able to keep elite players like Oturo and Carr or will the blue bloods snag them. Need a coach who can recruit off other teams. Need a coach who can sell his own guys to stay...
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    All Things Kerwin Walton Recruitment Thread (Class of 2020)

    Walk right into Gabe starting spot that would be so nice.
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    Sid: U averaged 10,675 fans per game last season in 16 games at Williams Arena. This season, it is averaging 9,888.

    The product is good. This team is so much more fun to watch. They got a terrible draw this season on home dates and times. No Saturday home games where u would normally have the biggest crowds. And of course the price is ridiculous. I don’t except the barn to be sold out anytime soon and it has...
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    Chip: Lindsay Whalen learning the difficulties of trying to build her own culture

    Coaching is hard. It takes a special talent to be able to communicate what a former all star sees to players not on her level. The frustration from players not getting it as easy or quick as it came to her. My all time favorite Minnesota woman athlete of all time. I never understood the hire...
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    STrib: Amir Coffey and other early departures for NBA hurting Big Ten's overall depth

    I think it’s funny these leave for greener pastures then don’t even make the big show. Lol
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    Why such a short bench in an awful effort?

    So many have hit this on the head! Pitino has no clue. Only way to turn around this season is to get your recruits some playing time and hope they develop fast if they don’t this team isn’t going anywhere with the 7 there rolling out there now. How in the world do those guards each get over 30...
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    The 2020 Minnesota Class

    Ok I believe there is more behind the scenes issues going on here. 1. Minnesota AAU coaches pushing kids away from the U? 2 AAU bitter with Pitino? 3. Pitino not offering enough money? 4. Pitino not recruiting hard enough? 5. Obviously there is something going on that we don’t know about that...
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    When NCAA losses the Alston Trail

    Would u still watch or attend the college games if kids were making 100,000? Would u attend or support the U if none revenue sports are cut to support football? Would u continue to donate to your college university? Obviously there would be a new division to college sports, would Minnesota...
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    What a terrible matchup for him. Struggles so much with quickness and up in your face defenders. And trying to guard little guys yikes. Then trying to go 1 on 3 falling down air balls gets tiring to watch. Your supposed to be the best player show up.
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    Fired DC sooner

    What could have been... I just wonder Clearly this was a huge issue bigger than even most thought. 2 more wins? 3?
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    Vs Miami

    We have the biggest game of this early season Wednesday vs #11 Miami and nobody is talking about this game? This board is so weird! Who is all going? Key matchups? What will be our challenges? Who is all going? Get freaking fired up these games are very important do u want a top 3 seed in the...

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