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    Fresh Start Liam Robbins Thread

    Like burning down an old barn that was quickly rotting away, and building a shiny brand new one... One of the local sports talk stations in Des Moines had one of the Hawkeye beat writers on this morning, and he was extremely confident that Robbins will be in an Iowa uniform this fall. That...
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    Spring Practice: Speculation, Observation, Rumination

    There are a couple threads hinting around the edges, but I thought maybe we needed a dedicated thread to all things Spring Practice, which begins today. I'm guessing there won't be any open practices, so observation might be limited. But that doesn't stop the speculation and the rumination...
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    Freiermuth leaves Penn State

    Apparently star Penn State tight end Pat Freiermuth has left the Nittany Lions. I'm sure speculation will center on COVID issues or NFL draft preparation or injury concerns, but we all know the real reason... He watched some film of how Kirk Ciarrocca uses the tight ends in his offense, and...
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    Potential Big Ten-only schedule gaining steam?

    Perhaps this has been posted or discussed elsewhere, but I saw a tweet from Sean Callahan: Per Power Five head coach: Ten-game, Big Ten-only schedule likely in 2020. Source: "Nothing has been decided. Nothing's official. But I would be surprised if it's not that.” 10 games beats zero in my...
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    Parts of sports movies that disappointed you

    Is this the right spot to put this? I don't know. Feel free to move it if so. But there's not much else going on. At the end of The Natural, Roy Hobbs is playing catch with his son. And his son throws like a first grader. Wouldn't the offspring of the greatest ballplayer who ever lived have a...
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    A nice compliment from Andy Staples

    In his mailbag in today's "The Athletic", Andy Staples was asked to start a roster for 2020 with any QB not named Lawrence or Fields. His response? Minnesota's own Tanner Morgan. That's heady stuff for this program. And it feels good.
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    Why I'm cheery and not depressed so far

    In October of 2008, I was sitting in the bar at the MGM Grand in Vegas. A friend of mine was with me, and we were having drinks and watching college football. The Gopher game was on right in front of me, and they were in the process of beating Illinois to run their record to 6-1. It was...
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    My winnings when the Gophers win the National Championship

    In the absence of much real training camp news, and because there seems to be some sourness over expectations, I thought I would ask some advice: Since I just put down $10 on the Gophers to win the national title, what should I do with my $5,000 in winnings that I'll collect in January? 1. Buy...
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    This one says Minnesota will win the West

    This is worth taking a long look. Steve Deace does a number of things here in central Iowa, political commentary probably foremost. But he is also a geyser of college football knowledge, and he's developed a strong reputation for accurate predictions. He puts out Deace's College Football...
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    CollegeFootballNews weighs in on the season to come

    Sorry if this has been posted elsewhere, but this publication has the Gophers finishing in a tie for second in the B1G West, with a 6-0 start being wrecked at Rutgers. 2019 Minnesota Football Schedule 2019 Preseason Prediction: 8-4 2019 Preseason Big Ten Prediction: 5-4 2018 Record: 7-6 – 2019...
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    The wild, wild Big Ten West

    It's been mentioned before in other threads, but the Big Ten West has the potential to be fun and unpredictable. Almost every team has cause for optimism, but not every team will be correct. #Math Iowa: An experienced and talented quarterback, an all-American defensive lineman, a gifted if...
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    Impressions from those who were there in person for the Louisville game

    1. It was a strong showing of Minnesota fans. Especially for a Thursday morning game, which I can't imagine was terribly convenient for everyone. There was a lot of maroon and gold. 2. Loud too. It's weird sometimes standing up and cheering when all around you are Spartan fans and Nevada fans...
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    Watching practice right now

    No Matz to be seen.
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    It should be crowded on Thursday

    Michigan and Michigan State travel well, Louisville is driving distance, Bradley is just over in Peoria. I don't think Florida, Nevada, and Montana will have a ton of fans. Still, tickets seem to be going fast. I just bought mine five minutes ago. The only saving grace is that a bunch of Iowa...
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    Maybe Our RB Talent is Sneaky Good

    When was the last season in which four different Gopher running backs each rushed for more than 140 yards in a game? Rodney Smith (New Mexico State) - 153 Bryce Williams (Miami) - 141 Mohamed Ibrahim (Ohio State) - 157 Shannon Brooks (Indiana) - 154
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    Grant Norton leaving the program

    Grant Norton (OL) is apparently leaving. This is the new normal. College rosters are going to be revolving doors.
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    Stewart Mandel is Not Rowing Anything

    In his column in The Athletic, Stewart Mandel predicted the Gophers to finish 3-9 (1-8) and in last place in the B1G West. He cited the unknown at QB, which is understandable. Mandel is an outstanding college football writer, but I think he's way undershot on this one.
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    Why March Madness is Still Awesome

    As conference tournaments begin (and I'm a huge fan of watching conference tournaments, especially the more obscure conferences), one fact always amazes me: As of today, every single Division 1 school can still win the national title. I think that's pretty cool. As improbable and unlikely and...
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    Switchng sidelines might not cause the collapse of civilization as we know it

    Because I was reminded of the great gnashing of teeth and rending of garments and proclamations of outrage when Fleck hinted that he might switch sidelines: I was at the Iowa St. / Northern Iowa game last night, and with no advance warning the Cyclones came out on the opposite (west) side of...
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    Minnesota and Iowa are quite similar (on the field)

    Similarities 1. Both teams coming off 8-4 regular seasons in 2016. 2. Both teams have relatively relatively easy non-conference schedules, with the toughest game being a bottom-feeding P5 team (Iowa St. and Oregon St.). 3. Both teams are replacing a multi-year starter at QB. 4. Both teams will...

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