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    How high of a ceiling does Daniel Faalele have?

    Don't think it'd be a stretch to say he's on track to be a top 5 overall pick in 2021 or 2022 draft
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    Anybody find a good brunch/bloody/mimosa place in Des Moines?

    Grumpy Goat isn't bottomless now, Americana buffet is $35
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    #12 Oregon now -1 over #5 wisconsin

    Opened wisconsin -1.5 / -2
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    Brock Lesnar and Gable Steveson training together
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    Tanner Morgan or Seth Green have shot at starting QB?

    Seems like we have 4 fairly equal options with Morgan, Green, Annexstad, and Vic. Could see him passing on Green since he's one of Claeys' guys, which is disappointing given the schools we got him from. Morgan seems like best pro-style we'd have but we don't have receivers. Any inclinations as...
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    Maxx Williams TD

    4 yard catch, first of season. Been lining up in backfield a lot today
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    Marvin Bagley III (#1 2018 class) reclassifies to 2017, commits to Duke on ESPN live

    And he's still the #1 ranked in this year's class.

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