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    Mostly Non-Peaceful? Princeton Study Finds BLM Responsible For 91% Of Riots Over Last 3 Months

    A new study by Princeton University’s US Crisis Monitor shows that the U.S. experienced 637 riots between May 26 and Sept. 12, and 91% of those riots were linked to the Black Lives Matter movement. ]
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    Luv and Let Left
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    Mother of Jacob Blake unloads on violent rioters, apologizes to President Trump on CNN

    'I have the utmost respect for you as the leader of our country
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    Hillary Clinton Ghislaine Maxwell's Nephew /CONVICTED SEX OFFENDER "Very Powerful" Position At State Department: Report

    Alexander Djerassi, the son of Maxwell's sister Isabel, went from working on Hillary Clinton's 2008 Presidential campaign, to a "very powerful and prestigious position" within the state department, working under Clinton in charge of the Bureau of Near Eastern Affairs. He returned to Clinton's...
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    Biden Supporters Steal 7-Year-Old Boy's MAGA Hat, Attack His Mother
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    Chi Town Leader Outlaws Protests...

    The Chicago Tribune reported Thursday that the city has effectively banned all protests on Lightfoot's street, including peaceful ones, even as elsewhere in the city protests have been allowed to continue and openly supported by the mayor. According to an email sent by the district's commander...
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    Closing Argument with Walter Hudson.... Makes an interesting point...Leftists left Stupefied

    Protesting at a person's home should be recognized as an unlawful assembly. If I owned the house next to Kroll and played my TV too loud, I'd be in violation of the law for disrupting the peaceful enjoyment of his property. But these clowns can do this? No. If I was a business in town that...
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    Democratic Leadership and Values in NYC. No Wonder he hates Trump!!!!

    There’s no money for regular trash pickups or to maintain city parks, but Mayor Bill de Blasio’s wife enjoys a 14-member staff — including a $70,000 videographer who captured her baking cookies during the pandemic. Some of the Chirlane McCray staffers, who cost city taxpayers nearly $2 million...
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    John Thompson, Democrat campaigning for State House in MN. shows HUGO MN DFL LUV

    One of the most blunt and unreserved speakers during the hours-long protest was Thompson, who won the Democratic primary for the Minnesota House of Representatives District 67A last week. Thompson, who is trying to represent the constituents of Eastside of St. Paul, set a hostile tone by...
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    What They Do Not Want You To Know

    ShadowGate Documentary Shadownet , Psysch Ops, Social Media Manipulation 1.2 million views since 8/14..... everything is fine LOL
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    Democrat Lawmaker Claims Tara Reade Is Lying.. provides his reasoning then resigns

    A Democratic state lawmaker is apologizing amid calls for his resignation after he claimed Tara Reade was “looking for attention” when she accused Joe Biden of sexual assault. Richard Komi, a member of the New Hampshire House of Representatives, told the Washington Examiner in a Friday phone...
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    Gophs should follow Duke and refuse to play in the NCAA Tourney this year

    Duke Suspends all athletic competition
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    Feminist Lesbian Quits LGBT, Becomes ‘Conservative’ Free Speech Advocate

    YouTube star Arielle Scarcella said she’s being pushed towards conservatives because conservatives are more tolerant and more supportive of free speech. “I generally voted Democrat. … I wasn’t really a fan of Hillary. I didn’t really like Bernie,” Scarcella said in a Timcast IRL interview: But...
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    NYC subway thief thanks Democrats after his 139th arrest, release: 'Bail reform, it’s lit!'

    A New York City man who’s now been arrested 139 times thanked Democrats for guaranteeing his immediate release despite repeatedly swiping hundreds of dollars from unsuspecting subway commuters since the state’s new bail reform law went into effect Jan. 1. Charles Barry, 56, has been arrested...
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    Aimless Amy Klobuchar, Couldn’t Name Mexican President During Telemundo Interview

    MINNEAPOLIS (AP) — Democratic presidential hopefuls Amy Klobuchar and Tom Steyer were stumped when asked during a televised interview in Nevada to name the Mexican president. Klobuchar, Steyer and fellow 2020 candidate Pete Buttigieg were asked during one-on-one interviews with the...
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    Trump Does it Again...USA NUMBER ONE Reduced CO 2 Emissions

    The fact that the U.S.A. is leaving the Paris accord seems to outrage and worry everyone, and it should,” Thunberg said last month. “But the fact that we’re all about to fail the commitments you signed up for in the Paris Agreement doesn’t seem to bother the people in power even the least.” But...

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