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    Hey, you idiot dems!

    Your city in Minneapolis is on fire! Ah, hello! Anyone home?
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    Corona not spreading on surfaces

    the way we were told. More shocking discoveries I guess
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    So I go to the farmers market today.

    Outdoors and a nice breeze. I saw four people without a mask among the 100's that were there. Outdoors in the fresh air. After being done there, I go to Fleetfarm, and I will say 60% had a mask on. I kind of chuckled. It made no sense at all.
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    This Cuomo idiot

    1. Puts corona patients in nursing homes. 2. Mocks the virus in March, and rails on Trump for not getting started way earlier. 3. Cried for weeks about all of these ventilators they didn't need. 4. Figured out a few days ago they should sanitize light rail. 5. Can't balance a budget to save...
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    Off Topic seems dead today

    Did something happen?
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    Obama question

    Why is he telling his fellow Kenyans that he was born in Kenya? 5:45 mark of his beautiful speech...........I'm asking the smart people on this board to explain it.
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    Fleck will be using this to recruit

    The gophers had more players drafted than anyone in the West division! That is pretty cool!
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    Whatever happened to

    Whatever happened to the wide open boarders crowd? Where did they go? Does anyone know?
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    Things that seem awfully quiet lately

    1. It doesn't seem cops are shooting minorities..........did this just stop, or were you being played. 2. Russian collusion seems to have disappeared.......or were you being played. 3. Black Lives matter has been silent for a long time.......or were you just being played 4. Dems screams for...
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    When is Cuomo's next performance

    Oh wait, never mind! Found it!
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    Politics aside.......doesn't it seem

    like there is a more positive feeling on where we are going with this virus. I'm seeing this from Walz and also from Washington DC. Is anyone else getting a vibe that football is much more likely to happen than say a week ago? It seems like everything is going at warp speed! The talk is of...
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    What team did you really like that was not Gopher basketball?

    I really liked the Illinois team with Nick Anderson and Kendall Gill. I loved the way they played. They made the final four in the late 80's. I also loved the UNLV running rebels. Augmon, Hunt, Larry Johnson would just run and run and run. What is a team you really liked and maybe even cheered...
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    I despise the NCAA

    Trevor Lawrence, qb for clemson, set up a "gofundme" page for help with corona. That's an NCAA violation. So he had to take it down. You can't use your likeness to raise funds. You can't make up what the NCAA allows and what it restricts.
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    This sounds crazy, but

    If we go 4 months without sports(let's say)............and then the NFL, etc. comes back! All fans should stay away for 12 months and not watch, or go to a game. You are in the NO sports habit. The teams would be begging us to come back. Tickets would go back to 10 bucks, salaries would be...
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    Eric Murray

    3 years, 20.25 million, with the texans. Dam, way to go Eric
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    Some guy on ESPN radio just said

    There is going to be a big push from some schools that all seniors should get an extra year due to not having a chance to play for it all. It's an interesting thought. What do you think? Of course, if you are a senior dominated team, you love this.
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    This try to hold the ball crap Iowa/Illinois

    Illinois is ready to run Iowa off the court with around 5 minutes to go and then go to the hold the ball until the clock runs down offense. We did the same thing against Iowa? Does it ever work?
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    Matthew Hurt

    Not too late to transfer to Minnesota.
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    Dylan McGill has been cleared and

    will be coming to Minnesota. Interesting to say the least!

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