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  1. Livingat45north

    Pre versus Post COVID -- What Activities/Items that you did prior to COVID are you No Longer Going to Do Post COVID?

    For me, in March we shut down most of our corporate offices in the U.S. and Australia, and everyone is working remotely, London, India, and Singapore still have "bricks and mortar" buildings, but we will be closing the India office once that lease expires and are going to an all-remote model...
  2. Livingat45north

    How Long will Buyden be President?

    How long will he last? Make your predictions...
  3. Livingat45north

    All Things OSU vs Bama -- Who Do Ya Pick to Win?

    Where's Stan these days??? Was waiting for the thread to post, but wait no more. COVID rumors about OSU are swirling -- just gameship coming out of Columbus, or a real concern? And Bama's losing their OC -- will that have any impact?
  4. Livingat45north

    The "Nine Game Gauntlet" - Updated

    Going into what I'm calling the "nine-game gauntlet" part of our schedule, I was hoping we'd pull off wins in 3 of the games and then make it up in the back half of the schedule. We've already won three of 'em, looking nice right now... 12/15 at #15 Ilinois - L 65-92 12/20 vs St. Louis - W...
  5. Livingat45north

    B1G-ACC Challenge

    B1G rules again. The ACC has now won only 2 out of the last 12 years (three were ties): Year Winner ACC Wins B1G Wins 2020 B1G 5 6 2019 B1G 6 8 2018 Tie 7 7 2017 ACC 11 3 2016 ACC 9 5 2015 B1G 6 8 2014 B1G 6 8 2013 Tie 6 6 2012 Tie 6 6 2011...
  6. Livingat45north

    Games This Week

    ... all subject to change at the last minute... Friday, December 11 Time ET Game TV 6:00p UTEP–North Texas ESPN3 6:30p Charlotte–Marshall CBSSN 7:30p Arizona State–Arizona ESPN 10:00p Nevada–SJSU CBSSN Saturday, December 12 Time ET Game TV Noon Michigan–Ohio State Utah–#21...
  7. Livingat45north

    All Things GA Senate Races

    Two races are happening, which may decide the majority for the U.S. Senate. Thought I'd start a thread focused on the races. We have: Ossoff (D) versus Perdue (R) Warnock (D) versus Loeffler (R) Ossoff, Perdue and Loeffler are pretty much "middle of the road" for their respective parties...
  8. Livingat45north

    Our Socialist Media is Under Attack - Rise Up Fellow Dems or Free Speech Will Happen

    Facebook is under attack from the morons that think the First Amendment is real and that free speech should be allowed. Fellow comrades, we need to stop this attack now. If we can't censor what people say, then how can we force our rules on the masses. /s
  9. Livingat45north

    The Dem's Love China

    Welcome to the Chinese family Swalwell. You gotta love the spy's name, Fang Fang. The Dems are literally in bed with China. Maybe Swalwell can chat with Feinstein on how to identify Chinese spies.
  10. Livingat45north

    All Things Podcast Recommendations/Reviews

    Rather than blend this with the TV/Movie threads, thought I'd start one just for Podcasts... Here's a couple: The Dropout Money. Romance. Tragedy. Deception. The story of Elizabeth Holmes and Theranos is an unbelievable tale of ambition and fame gone terribly wrong. How did the world’s...
  11. Livingat45north

    The "Way Too Early" Predictions for Upcoming Elections

    ... why not. Take a stab at it. President: Assuming Biden wins, then it'll be Kamala for the Dems as Biden won't run again. Pence certainly runs for the Republicans, and Nikki Haley has all but announced she'll be running. Cruz again? Maybe. One of the Trumps? I doubt it. I'll also toss in a...
  12. Livingat45north

    The Dems are in Full Panic Mode

    Once again, the libs thought they were going to win an election, but voters showed up. The panic of the libs is entertaining, but also really sad to watch. They're literally telling people to stockpile food and medicine.
  13. Livingat45north

    Biden Promises to Enact Law Forcing Schools to Allow Biological Males to Participate in Woman's Sports

    Biden pledges to Enact Pro-LGBT Equality Act in First 100 days as President The Equality Act would amend existing federal law in an effort to prohibit discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity. The bill would specifically target education, employment, housing, schools...
  14. Livingat45north

    Make Your Predictions - What States are Going Trump versus Buy-Din.

    We're a week away from the election, and who knows how many days from knowing the actual outcome. Make your call. What's your prediction? Here's mine. Buy-Din would have to gain 48 delegates to switch my map to a Buy-Din win. If you're on Team Buy-Din, how will he do that? To create your own...
  15. Livingat45north

    Trump's Mega Rallies versus Biden's Parking Lot Presentations

    Biden says he's going to get out and campaign hard, which today meant driving a few blocks from one of his houses to read a teleprompter speech. Trump is doing multiple rallies each day, and now he's bringing video clips of Joe to his events. Smart move on Trump's part:
  16. Livingat45north

    Will Joe Come Out of his Basement Now?

    Hiden Biden no longer has an excuse of having to spend a full week prepping for a debate. Will he dare to venture outside and get asked a question? Biden will ‘campaign aggressively’ in final stretch, top aide insists The reality is he's staying home in Delaware today and on Saturday his wife...
  17. Livingat45north

    What Was Biden's Biggest Lie During the Debate

    Lots of talk in the threads about the huge mistakes Biden made during the debate His telling Americans worried about job security that the lockdown is just the start of a "dark winter" and that they'll continue Telling small businesses struggling to make payroll that he's going to hammer them...
  18. Livingat45north

    Red States are Doing Great, Blue States are Going Broke

    Why America Is Experiencing Two Very Different Economic Recoveries The data also show that of the 10 states with the lowest rates of unemployment, nine have GOP governors (the lone exception being Montana), while 9 of the 10 states with the highest rates of unemployment are led by Democrats...
  19. Livingat45north

    Libs Go All In on Stopping Free Speech in America

    This is just one of the many moves the left is doing to shut down free speech. Robert Reich proposes a commission to censor and blacklist Trump supporters University of California-Berkeley professor and former Secretary of Labor Robert Reich proposed the radical idea for a post-election...
  20. Livingat45north

    Stanford University Blasts Biden's Policies - Will Shrink the Economy, Cost Jobs, and Lower Median Household Income by $6,500.

    Stanford Study Suggests Biden's Agenda Will Have 4 Devastating Economic Consequences Four economists from Stanford University’s Hoover Institution analyzed Biden’s proposals to increase taxes, reinstate and expand a host of regulations, and create new subsidies for healthcare and renewable...

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