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    If U were a multi-Billionaire & could rename something at UMn, what would you rename and why?

    Ok, just to get things started, how about P.J. Fleck Stadium? ;)
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    Did Pitino just nab a Top 100 2021 recruit?

    I was looking up recruit rankings at 247 tonight, and about 20 minutes ago Omersa was ranked 25th best Gopher recruit in the 247 era, and then 10 minutes later I noticed his ranking was 26th? I thought I looked at it wrong the first time, but then I just noticed a Treyton Thompson, of the 2021...
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    How does our Football Practice Facilities rank now?

    Since our new facilities have opened, how does our facilities rank compared to others in price and in size and in, I don't know, in the WOW Factor? I'm asking because I found a ranking from 2019, so I thought maybe UMn's new facility would make this Top 25 list, but they were not on it? And...
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    Fleck vs Dabo = Fleck WINS!!!

    Ok, if you think recruiting rankings are the end all and be all and totally accurate in it's ability to predict future success, then Dabo has the advantage. But.. I'm talking about Fleck at Minnesota vs Dabo at the same point in his time at Clemson. Dabo's 3rd season, against a Conf with ZERO...
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    Minnesota's Ceiling?

    Co-workers of mine and other non-Gopher sports fans I've talked to over the years have consistently argued that Minnesota has a ceiling that can never be broken. That ceiling is occasionally winning the B1G West Title, but NEVER the overall B1G Conf Title much less a National Title. Asking...
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    Where are all of the "FIRE LUCIA" geniuses now???

    Hey all of you Lucia haters, your worst nightmare is happening, Lucia's got this team winning and on a roll. 6-1 in his last 7 games, that includes two games vs #2 Notre Dame and 1 game vs #6 OSU. it also includes 4 road games. What in the heck will you do if we somehow win Saturday's game vs...
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    Ignorance is bliss??? Were we in 6th place in a 7 tm conf? Or were fans IGNORANT of

    Well, we had 2 games in hand, vs the 3 teams directly ahead of us. With just 1 win over Wisc this weekend, we've already passed idle PSU. And we are now only 2 pts behind Wisc, and just 3 pts behind Michigan, yet both of those teams only have 3 games left to play, we have 5. And...
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    UMn Alum in the NHL - Looking truly GOLDEN!!!

    Well, I'll list everyone's totals at the All-Star break later, along with where UMn alum compare with other top programs, but right now, just gotta give a shout out to the 22nd Gopher this year to play in the NHL, tying the Gophers for the most. Scores in his Debut. 3rd Gopher this year to...
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    Basketball ONLY fans - I need your help!!!

    Hey guys, I'm a huge Gopher bb fan, been so since the early 70s. But since seeing the 1980 Olympic games on TV(tape delayed of course), I've also become a big Gopher hockey fan, too. But only a basketball fan can understand what is happening to the current Gopher hockey team. Long time...
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    Silver Lining Special - There is one, if you are willing to look for it

    Ok. Gopher hockey fans are pretty spoiled, I mean even Kentucky bb fans are more realistic about their chances each year. lol What percentage of Gopher Men's hockey fans think that Lucia needs to go??? Gotta be over 50%. Might be over 80%??? Well, I tend to be longwinded, so let me get to...
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    B1G is here to STAY, so get over it already!!!

    OMG, the whiney old codgers who can't handle change are what? Going to take down Gopher hockey to prove a point??? Any Gopher fan that hates the B1G, needs to get over themselves and move on! Notre Dame and PSU and Ohio St are more than willing to take over the leadership roles in the...
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    SIX nfl coaching jobs have opened up

    Anybody think a former Gopher could end up with a Head Coaching job this year? I personally doubt it, but a week ago, before the openings opened up, Marc Trestman popped into my head and I wondered what he was up to lately, and was surprised to see that he went back to the CFL and won another...
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    Women & Men, both 12-3, both 1-1 in Conf, both with embarrassing loss to Nebraska??

    Women & Men, both 12-3, both 1-1 in Conf, both with embarrassing loss to Nebraska?? Any other similarities? And did Wagner get into foul trouble or something? just 11 points and 1 asst? or something like that?
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    So who here at GH are the truly connected ones? I need to know.

    I am from outstate Minnesota, my family and my job keep me away from the Twin Cities unfortunately, so I am very UNconnected, but I have been hanging out here at the GH off and on, mostly off, for a very long time now. So the GH has been my way of connecting with the U for a long time, so I'd...
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    Silver Linings - Life would be too hard for me without them

    Ok, I want to cry, but why? Honestly. #1 - MTSU IS actually a very good team, wow. And their defensive schemes seemed to work so well against us, I was very impressed. Hopefully RP will work on ways to counter that before we run across the same thing again? I hate to admit it, but I friggin...
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    Who from the other 13 B1G teams is a sure bet to leave early for the NBA?

    With the Gophers only losing Seniors this year, and no one leaving early for the NBA, it will be relevant if anyone from the other B1G teams leaves early for the NBA, a Miles Bridges for example. I've seen one person pick Minnesota as the early pick for favorite to win the B1G regular season...
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    Gopher Softball - #1 in the nation baby!!!

    According to one poll voter that is. They are up to #10 in the poll now, but was a little surprised to see the 1 vote for #1. lol Would be interesting to know who voted for our Women Gophers!!! 2 more wins to break the record for the programs longest winning streak, I believe? Isn't the...
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    Since 2002 worst Ken-Pom rated def tm 2 win title, #21 UNC in 2009 - UMn this yr? #13

    And Purdue is #15 and Wisconsin is #16. Minnesota's offensive rating is not so good though. Purdue's is. Not sure how much it means, but it's better than not being in the Top 20 defensively. Might bode well for winning a few games in the tourney. SS, anyone else? Any other input like...

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