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  1. Gopher Ally

    Video of Fleck crowd surfing in locker room after win today

    If he was 400 lbs with a Dilly bar in his hand it would be epic!
  2. Gopher Ally

    Video of Fleck crowd surfing in locker room after win today

    Tracy Claeys could never crowd surf like that!
  3. Gopher Ally

    Never again..

    I’m 51, I have never seen a season like 2 years ago! We have the right coach!
  4. Gopher Ally

    Never again..

    Two years ago we barely beat SDSU and Georgia Southern and went on to be 11-2 beating Auburn in a bowl game. Calm down with the sniveling!
  5. Gopher Ally

    Why are you a MN fan?

    Been a Gopher fan forever! Loved my dad telling stories of Iron Range guys from his school playing football and how they traveled down to watch at Memorial stadium. It’s our “U”!
  6. Gopher Ally

    Why is this not more of a concern?

    The kid doesn’t want the scrutiny
  7. Gopher Ally

    The Roller Coaster Ride of the Last 24 Hours as a Gopher fan

    Well played! Not sure if the portal is good for college basketball but it sure is interesting to follow!
  8. Gopher Ally

    Tre' Williams enters the Portal

    Tre would do well at Mesabi Community College in Virginia MN!
  9. Gopher Ally

    Next Gopher Head Coach

    I like Medved, his dad Miro was a baller for the Biwabik Braves in the 50s, my alma mater!
  10. Gopher Ally

    Freshman you want to see on defense?

    If we replaced every starter on D, it really couldn’t be worse. I would start by replacing our slow linebackers, anything would be an improvement
  11. Gopher Ally

    Wisconsin is pausing all football-related activities. Saturday’s game at Nebraska will not be played

    We played without a kicker or punter, Wisconsin should play with a 4th string QB🤷‍♂️
  12. Gopher Ally

    Fleck says he's 1 of 200 senior leaders at the University of Minnesota taking a 1-week pay cut

    Well of course Minnesota is leading the charge to be the first one to furlough its head football coach all while having the greatest recruiting week in the programs history! I get it, but will the rest of the Big follow?
  13. Gopher Ally

    7 Footer Liam Robbins from Drake Commits

    This program needed some good news! Hopefully Carr will be back and Walton will commit! If this happens we might have something!
  14. Gopher Ally

    Fox 9: Daniel Oturu's message to Minnesota prep stars: 'Come to the U'

    Thanks for being a Gopher and playing for what’s on the front of your shirt! You are a tremendous player and young man, keep recruiting!!
  15. Gopher Ally

    That was a tough one.....Mentally tough

    I do admire Pitino for never throwing his kids under the bus. They are most likely embarrassed and lack confidence after another epic choke job. I’m surprised Kalscheur didn’t pass out at the free throw line he was choking so badly. This game compounded with the Iowa and Indiana games are...
  16. Gopher Ally

    Is it time to replace Williams Arena?

    It is my absolute favorite arena to watch a basketball game in, however, I’m for doing what’s necessary to bring in top recruits. I wonder what recruits think of “The Barn” vs newer arenas. If the Barn doesn’t deter recruits than I’m all for keeping it as is, I like nostalgia
  17. Gopher Ally


    They just look defeated on the court, shoulders slumped, no fire. I’d be surprised if they win another game.

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