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    Jalen Suggs recent interview

    Not sure about the honesty about the comments, but I like that a bunch of past MN players are communicating that they wanted to come here while future recruits are possibly listening. Also, maybe Pitino isn’t here to defend himself, but Jalen answering a question on a podcast the way he did...
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    All Things Gophers Basketball Class of 2022 Recruiting Thread

    At one point I was really confident about him coming to MN, but now im getting nervous. He is such an important piece for this class. I really hope we get some good news soon.
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    Ahjany Lee Offered, Class of 2022

    I am also excited to have another D1 school in MN and look forward to rooting them on despite being an alum of a rival MIAC school. Hopefully we will be rooting on more MN guys like Lee. Should be fun!
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    All Things Gophers Basketball Class of 2022 Recruiting Thread

    Is this a teaser for an upcoming commitment?
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    Great news!!!!!
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    All Things Tre Holloman Recruitment Thread (Class of 2022)

    I am disappointed he didn’t choose the Gophers. It stings that it will be MSU and we will face him 1 to 2 times a year at least. I would have loved to have a floor general like him that can play defense. But who knows, maybe he will boomerang back. I can’t help but try to make myself feel better...
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    This is great! Hopefully just the beginning.
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    Eric Curry

    I’m happy to have him around the program regardless of his role and hope he can have a good year. He is easy to cheer for and sounds like a good leader. Would he be considered a super duper senior?
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    All Things Gophers Basketball Class of 2022 Recruiting Thread

    And some start as second tier guys and develop into third tier guys like Davison. Sorry, I had to.
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    All Things 2023 Gophers Basketball Recruiting Thread

    I guess you are right. Ben didn’t land him at Xavier or Minnesota.
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    All Things 2023 Gophers Basketball Recruiting Thread

    Dain Dainja and even though Holmgren committed after, he essentially didn’t get him.
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    Hey! Look at who is back in the transfer portal and who else just entered it

    Are there players still entering the portal? I know it is not as frequent as it once was, but we only need one. Well maybe we would need two bigs still.
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    All Things Chet Holmgren Recruitment Thread (Class of 2021, Gophers Have Offered)

    Okay, enough of the hate on Suggs for crying. I really wish all our players care as much about winning as he does. He put his heart into the year. I get being glad they lost though.
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    All things 2021 MN state high school tournament

    Holloman is a playmaker who can run a team and plays great defense. Would think others would love to play with him. People suggest if you get him, there are others that would follow.
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    All Things Gophers Basketball Class of 2022 Recruiting Thread

    I have been spending way too much time checking Gopherhole for updates on everything, but what I am most interested in now is the 2022 class. Does anybody know who Johnson may be making a priority right now? I am excited to hear about the MN guys and know we have been on Holloman, King, and...
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    All Things Cam Heide Thread - Class of 2022 (Updated: 5/3 - Gophers Offered)

    That would be great news if Heide wasn't as much of a Purdue lean as it seems. He looks smooth and very skilled.
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    Gabe to Iowa State

    The more I think about it I would wonder if Gabe really benefits from a change of scenery. His shooting has not improved and with a bit of the yips, maybe a clean slate is what he feels he needs.
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    The last time Gopher Basketball exceeded your expectations?

    They far exceeded my expectations part way through this last season. After they beat Michigan I looked at the schedule and thought: "hey, maybe they win 12-13 big ten games, a couple in the big ten tournament and get a high seed in the NCAA Tournament".

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