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  1. denguegopher

    So USAToday says

    that we are staying home for bowl season?
  2. denguegopher

    Michigan State helmets

    What do you think of Michigan State using those padded helmets in their spring game? If it helps I'm for it. Cornell actually used helmets like that in games at the time of Ed Marino. Not easy to see but the top of the helmet has a layer of padding.
  3. denguegopher

    Only in Wisconsin

    Regrets if already posted...
  4. denguegopher

    Terry Bowden back in the saddle
  5. denguegopher

    Fleck featured in USA Today!*%20%5BTangent%20Desktop%20Tile%5D&utm_campaign=ddd4f28...
  6. denguegopher

    This might be old news
  7. denguegopher

    Smaller Minnesota schools recruiting Las Vegas
  8. denguegopher

    way off topic: Proud to be a Minnesotan

    Was at the Fresno St game with my nephew who lives in the Bay Area. He's a HS senior and undecided on where to go to college. I've been encouraging him the think about the U of M. I wanted him to meet some of nice people from Minnesota at the game. A younger guy with Gopher jersey came up to us...
  9. denguegopher

    Viramontes resurfaces

    Saw this in the paper today.
  10. denguegopher

    No line on Gophers - MD; Annexstad questionable?
  11. denguegopher

    Amy Klobechar(SP)

    She has called kate Bouldon "Brianna" at least twice this morning. C'mon Amy...
  12. denguegopher

    Anyone else watching the WorldCup

    and think that Tony Meole sounds like Brian Griese?
  13. denguegopher

    Former Gopher Dave Gardner dies

    Dave was a high school teammate of mine. Great guy, who loved the game of football. I'll always remember his sack of Gordy Bohannon down in Iowa City in about 1979. RPI Dave...
  14. denguegopher

    got some serious crap from a couple of

    Badger co-workers about this. Its actually impressive to get to be a center from the CDC.
  15. denguegopher

    Mark Tommerdahl

    May have been posted but the former Gopher assistant named special teams, tight ends coach at Purdue.
  16. denguegopher

    Free Beer at the Eagles Parade

    What could go wrong? (Ok its only supposed to be one per person)
  17. denguegopher

    grades for all D-1 FB teams

    C- for the Gophers.
  18. denguegopher

    Question about 1st down measurements, or lack thereof

    It seems that they very rarely bring out the chains anymore, and if the ballcarrier gets anywhere near the 1st down marker the side judge waves the chain gang forward, "first down." I have thought about this and is it 1) to speed up the game, 2) because they just eyeball it when the place the...
  19. denguegopher

    former Gophers Duane Deutrelle and Mel Anderson

    I was at a work meeting tonight and met a guy who played HS football with these guys in Homestead, PA. Its clear I am a Gopher nerd because I thought that was cool. Oh well, it could be worse. Go Gophers!
  20. denguegopher

    Harbaugh bugs me delete if already posted.

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