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    All Things 2023 Gophers Basketball Recruiting Thread

    You're talking about Presley here?
  2. skiumah1

    We currently are favored in 3 more games

    Hype on Nebraska is way too high IMO. Gophers should be able to beat them at home. Maryland, Northwestern and Illinois all should be beat as well. That would rip off 5 in a row for us. Then let's see what happens in the final 3. I like the way the D has come together for us. The offense - It...
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    Trey Potts - UPDATED With Statement from the U

    I guess. The kid is still in the hospital in Indiana so I’d think it’s semi serious but we’ll see.
  4. skiumah1

    Trey Potts - UPDATED With Statement from the U

    I'd think we're at the point of considering if he'll ever play football again with how serious this sounds. Hope the kid is OK and can just get back to normal life. I'll be curious to hear more
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    I’m with ya here Good to see the boys bounce back though and Tanner did make some nice throws today
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    All Things Gophers Basketball Class of 2022 Recruiting Thread

    Willie Wilson? I see that Thiam is also a CG. Just digging down deeper at this point.
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    Purdue Game Predictions

    The press conference was ridiculous about needing CAB to beat Bowling Green, but I'm saying if CAB plays a full game here we get the W. Tanner needs him.
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    What is the Problem?

    No read option under Ciarocca if I remember right. Was either straight hand-off, slant, slant & go, bubble screen, (Wildcat?) To be honest it just tells you how good Johnson and Bateman were
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    Agreed. He's just a very mediocre college QB.
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    What is the Problem?

    Totally agree your worst game, no rhythm or whatever, should not have resulted in a loss. PJ isn't going anywhere. They were 11-2 2 years ago. That doesn't happen at MN. Unless the bottom falls out the next 2-3 years, he'll be here.
  11. skiumah1

    What is the Problem?

    Ciarocca called 100% of plays when he was PJ's OC (minus big 4th down conversions OR Big moment decisions I'm sure there was input) Offense sure seemed a lot different under him... Sanford is the one making play call decisions, that's not PJ. I'm sure there is discussion. But there's only 1 man...
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    Right. I still think we win the game if CAB plays. Seems like the only guy Tanner trusts and rightfully so. WR unit needs CAB this year no question.
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    All Things Bowling Green at Minnesota Post-Game Thread

    The Madison Thanksgiving game is losing steam here. Course I'll still be ready to roll
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    100% / 1 Read QB You've got to at least entertain making a move or start mixing in Kramer more and more or whoever next man is. He at least gives you a dual threat.
  15. skiumah1

    What is the Problem?

    I truly believe it is as simple as others that Mike Sanford should no longer be the OC / Calling plays. The play-calling is nothing but predictable, which is exactly where you don't want to be. He simply doesn't understand game flow. PJ talked about the offense never getting into a "rhythm"...
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    If you’re not going to change OCs, you’ve got to put a mobile QB in to run this read option offense. It is literally a read option with 1 option
  17. skiumah1


    Tanner and Sanford doesn’t work together. Either one or both need to go (or be benched) As said by others, love Tanner and he’s been through a lot. Just think there’s better dual threat options if he’s going to throw the ball the way he has
  18. skiumah1

    Meatsauce on KFAN

    Unfortunately that does make him 2 for 2 haha But point taken, I'm with you

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