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    How did Gonzaga do it?

    So, I've been giving this some thought after Ben Johnson was hired. There have been the typical responses about it not mattering because nobody can win here anyway. Which brought me to Spokane as a shining example that anyone can basically win anywhere, given they have the right coaching staff...
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    Oops, wrong forum
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    Gophers a 10 seed, will play #7 Louisville in Des Moines!

    Pretty decent draw for location. Should be a nice Gopher crowd.
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    Congratulations Coach Fleck!

    PJ finally beat someone good, edging Jimmy Butler to win the prestigious Turkey of the Year award!
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    It's Whalen!

    Predictable in a way, but still exciting.
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    Zo Craighton announces he's transferring

    Per Andy Gerder and Craighton's Twitter.
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    Possibility of Oregon State Postponement?

    It's still a few days away, but apparently the air quality is so bad in Oregon right now due to wildfires that both Oregon and Oregon State are looking at alternatives: "Oregon and Oregon State...
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    Colton Beebe

    When he signed, there was talk as to whether he'd be a DE or TE. The previous staff made him a fullback and that ended up working quite well. Is there any reason not to move him to DE? There's no depth there at all and this stupid spread offense has removed his primary position. Remember...
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    2017 Wins Over/Under?

    Early over/under totals are starting to come out. So far, this one has 50 teams, Gophers not listed: Alabama 10.5 -150o Arizona 5.5 Arkansas 7 Auburn 8 Clemson 9 Colorado 7.5 -125u Duke 5.5 Florida 8 -120u Florida State 9.5 -130o Georgia 8 Georgia Tech 6.5 Indiana 5.5 Iowa 6.5 -120u Kansas...
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    2017 Night Games

    We're right around the time where ESPN and the BIG start announcing night games for the 2017 season (came out on May 9th last year), so I assume we'll hear about this any day now. I'd guess the most likely candidates for home night games would be Nebraska or MSU, road possibilities for Michigan...
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    Home warranties

    Anyone have any experience with these? We had one included when we bought our home, but now that the initial term that was included in the purchase is up, would it be worthwhile to keep the policy? The heating/AC system and water heater are probably on their last legs.
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    A ray of hope for the future

    Yeah, it sucks being a 5 seed and losing to a 12, but there's not much you can do about it. I am going to happily grasp at straws and look at the last two Big Ten teams that dropped their first round game to 12 seeds. Both teams finished 4th in the conference. Purdue was a 5 seed last year...
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    Fidel Castro dead

    Multiple sources reporting Fidel has passed at age 90.
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    Is Duke McGhee a dirty player?

    That's Barreiro's assertion, going so far as to say making him sit for one game isn't nearly enough. I can see his point. A couple of hits that essentially knocked the other team's best WR out of the game sure don't look good. In watching yesterday's play back several times, it's most...
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    Trick or Treaters

    How many do you get on average? I'd guess the doorbell will ring about 60-70 times tonight.
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    Gophers as favorites

    Maybe this says more about the program than anything else. Going back to 2009, the Gophers have been favored by more than a field goal only 4 times in conference games. In 2009, they were 7 point favorites at home vs. Illinois. They lost by 3. 2014, 4 point favorites at Illinois, lost by 3...
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    Leidner Out Vs. MD

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    ESPN's John Saunders dead at 61

    Yeah, yeah. Technically off topic, but he was a staple on ESPN's college football coverage for some time. I always enjoyed his style.
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    Fess up. How many of you are playing the Pokeman Go thing?

    It's everywhere. I'm not playing it, but judging by the number of people wandering around the park where I spend my lunch hours, this thing is obviously huge.
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    Streveler Transferring

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