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    JP Macura Scores First NBA Bucket
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    FBI Wiretaps Confirm Sean Miller Discussed 100k Payment To Get Ayton
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    Top 25 Players In College Basketball (Murphy 13th) In this latest installment of my rankings of the nation's top 25 players, you'll find a handy listing of where each player was ranked by yours truly in August. Speaking of which, you'll...
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    Murphy 1st Player Since Beasley To... :clap::cool:
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    Pitino Deserve's A Raise

    Only a half serious thread as im drinking ATM, but seriously. This guy is a stud. I really hope he is loyal and sees that we gave him a chance SO early on in his career when he would probably have to had coach at FIU level type programs for 5 more years before getting a shot at the big time.
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    Tubby Smith Leads Texas Tech Past No. 12 Baylor Go Gophers!
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    One thing is clear....

    That Q is our best weapon on offense; however, the guy just cannot pass over 5 yards with any accuracy at all. Without Q though, and assuming Shortell would have had a similar day throwing, we wouldn't have won. Congrats Kill on you first victory at the UofM!:clap:

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