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    Roster Projections

    Weird that you put Indiana in that group. They have a pretty good roster. And will certainly not be among the bottom of the big10
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    All Things 2021 Gophers Basketball Recruiting Thread

    Based off what I heard its almost certainly going to be Duke, and probably very soon. I think Gophs would be the only other possibility though.
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    Gabe to Iowa State

    I mean yoou said it yourself, Wisconsin also needing many pieces. Again, there is no word of a formal offer. Another program who has a lot of holes to fill, inquired about a player that could potentially fill a hole. Standard stuff.
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    Gabe to Iowa State

    Umm, Wisconsin inquired on Gabe. They spoke to Gabe. I haven't seen anything that they officially "wanted" Gabe with an offer.
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    Who will be #3?

    Stephens done deal.
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    New Transfer Commit: Luke Loewe from W&M

    His 3 pt shooting should fit right in! Or hopefully he finds the 2019-2020 form
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    2021-2022 Roster

    Currently, he would have to sit out. The covid transfer rule is for guys who have not transferred before. But.......we know the NCAA and how they handle transfers. Not exactly consistent.
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    Roy Williams is retiring

    Most likely they stay in the UNC blood like always. But if they do break that code, the coaching landscape could get wild. And Beard just went to Texas
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    2021-2022 Roster

    Well, based off what you said that isnt exactly the best example. Sure, it does not mean Fox wont be good enough. But in your own words this Hutcherson dude hasnt even played a game. Was he good enough to get a look? Sure. But that was years ago. That was before Cockburn and Ayo had truly...
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    2021-2022 Roster

    Not a knock on Battle, but the key words are "couple weeks ago" We are now over 1,000 guys in the portal and closing in on the record, we are not even to the final four yet.
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    Gophers land George Washington transfer Jamison Battle

    I think the knock on Battle is defensively a bit. But I think the idea will be to hope he can guard wing players and play the 3 next to Johnson. He played mostly PF at GW though I believe.
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    2021-2022 Roster

    It was Robbins welcoming him. But its gone now, although it seems like Robbins whole page is wack when I try and go to it.
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    Gophers land George Washington transfer Jamison Battle

    Was never worried about that. But definitely good to see close to confirmation.
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    Gophers land George Washington transfer Jamison Battle

    3. Hes only been in college for 2 years and this year doesnt count for anyone.
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    All Things Gophers Basketball Class of 2022 Recruiting Thread

    Don't think anyone is shocked hes not a Gopher. Colorado was the choice I guess.
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    Frozen Four Predictions

    Kato is good, probably deserved to be a 1 seed over Wisco. But doesnt excuse it. We didn't play well at all and they took it to us. Well deserved first Frozen Four. Rooting for Cloud. But if Kato beats them, I am rooting for them.

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