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    Monday Fleck Press Conference

    In fairness to Fleck, I think there have been games (or at least a game) where we won after trailing at some time during the second half. Didn't we have to come from behind to force overtime in the fourth quarter in one of the out of conference games in 2019? 0-17 is still bad, but it is a...
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    Record Comparisons

    Seems like there are two kinds of fans: those who want to disregard 2019 and those who want to only look at 2019. Don't think either of those make a lot of sense. At any given point in time, fans should be looking at a coach's total body of work, and the recent trend. 2019 was a very good...
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    All Things Bowling Green at Minnesota Post-Game Thread

    Fleck needs to break out his little improvement chart from a past press conference. Maybe he hung it up sideways and Sanford got confused.
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    That sucked, but there is no reason this team can’t get to 7-2.

    I agree it would be nice to be able to flip the field more, but if he doesn't have the leg strength, I'd rather settle for shorter punts than have him trying to force more yardage by overkicking the coverage with line drives and getting them run back down our throat (paging Chris Kluwe).
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    Never again..

    Teams have had stinkers in out of conference play and went on to have good seasons in the past. If I recall my criteria for success this year (and I'm not going to go look up the old thread to double check), they are all still in play. I believe I said I would call this year successful if any...
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    All Things Bowling Green at Minnesota Post-Game Thread

    I agree with the bold and was probably a little inartful in my phrasing. The defense played very well and are the only reason we had a chance to win. There was nothing more they could have been expected to do for us. I was just trying to say that I think it is tough to draw conclusions about...
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    All Things Bowling Green at Minnesota Post-Game Thread

    Why are we all so down after finishing as the first runner-up in the Bowling Green championship season? Coach forgot to tell his quarterback that the ball is the program, but that is an easy fix. Everything else should be solvable with a new uniform combination and another read through...
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    Transferring your tickets...

    I am not particularly tech savvy and I was able to figure it out (I am in a group where one person buys a large number of tickets together for his family and some close friends, and then we individually pay him for them and he sends us the tickets). That said, it was a lot more clunky and took...
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    Week 3 College Football Bowl Projections

    I would definitely put every individual game between now and Iowa in the "should win" category. That said, it is still tough to go to six for six in games you "should win", especially when those games shift from mid-majors to mediocre B1G teams, so I'd probably expect to see us 7-2 at that...
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    Big Ten Power Rankings.

    I was thinking the same thing. I feel like Wisconsin is in effectively the same place we are: haven't beaten anybody really good (though our Colorado win is much better than Eastern Washington), but also lost to the only really good team they played.
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    Amazing how the GH thread and post traffic slows…

    First, it seems like the Gopher Hole Staff is casting doubt on the premise. Second, I think this is explainable by evolutionary science. Our minds are programmed to react more strongly to the negative than the positive. When something goes wrong, it gets our brain's attention because there is...
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    The Athletic 130 college football rankings (#53. Minnesota)

    Feels like we are underrated, but it is also early and there isn't a lot of data. At the end of the day, we haven't beaten any really good teams and haven't lost to any bad teams. We are 2-1, with a loss to a top 10 team, a win against an awful team, and a road win against a P5 team that is...
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    Big Ten West After Week 3

    It's a long season, and maybe it will prove you right, but Nebraska has lost to a really bad team and not beaten any good teams, so I'm comfortable with them in the Northwestern and Illinois part of the pile
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    Sanford Comments on Colorado

    Quote said "Because Trey's got 10 games left, and we really hope and anticipate we have 11 or 12 games left.", so it sounds like coaches are anticipating him not playing in a potential conference title game or bowl game. So I was just asking why they thought he had last games left than the team...
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    The coach who (almost) never punts

    I'll try to find it. If I recall, it was a situation where the length of the game clock multiplied by 3 was marginally less than the time on the clock, so he "should have" had some wildly insufficient amount of time to get the ball back and throw one hail mary, but his analysis didn't account...
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    The coach who (almost) never punts

    Don't know if the Vikings are "a team you are invested in," but I'm pretty sure Brad Childress once punted in a situation where we were down one score and they ended up being able to kneel out the clock without making a first down. Also think I remember him losing two timeouts on one challenge...
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    All Things P.J. Fleck Rumor Mill Thread - Listed as Candidate for Other Jobs

    Look at Zimmer. His "awful" seasons were 7-9, and his record is 64-48-1. He has had less playoff success than most would like, but he did take a team with a 3rd string QB to the NFC championship game. But now he is on the hot seat, and all I can think is "if you fire him, are you going to...
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    Sanford Comments on Colorado

    Why does Trey only have 10 games left?
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    Gopher Invitational golf event this weekend at Windsong Farm

    What happened to our golf programs? I sometimes turn on the live stats in the background during the day, and it seems like both teams are routinely finishing way near the bottom at these tournaments. Maybe I've just had bad luck on turned on the tournaments where we struggle. But right now...
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    The coach who (almost) never punts

    Don't remind me, I still haven't psychologically recovered.

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