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    5⭐️Qb transfer

    With Ohio state having a surplus of 5⭐️ QBs, along with them sitting CJ now. how long until a couple of them transfer and would PJ take one
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    This OC has been embarrassing since we hired him! He has to go
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    College Gameday UM v UM

    Seeing some articles out there that Minnesota v Michigan will be best game that week and is garnering Gameday consideration. If we get it that’s two years in a row.
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    Johnson / Bateman

    First teammate duo WR in B1G history to both record over 1,000 yards each in a season! we’re only getting better in this area, so exciting times ahead!
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    After watching all the games it’s looking like the Gophers are completely the better team! I dare to say that our WRs are the best in nation and no one can stop them. We also have one of the best DBs core in the nation, to go along with one of the best QBs in the nation. I believe Minnesota is...
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    PJ Fleck

    With all these threads talking about PJ Fleck leaving and this or that school looking at him, I’m here to tell you PJ Fleck isn’t going anywhere! He has and continues to say that he loves Minnesota, the history, and wants to build something special here at Minnesota!!! If you don’t think...
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    Fan Base

    Over the last couple weeks this forum has been entertaining after Gopher Games. Some people just need to relax and let the process work out. I find it absolutely insane that some Fans are saying to fire Fleck after 11 games or if Fleck has lost the team. Some others will get mad at Flecks post...
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    A close source said it will be announced shortly.
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    Rodney Smith for Graham-George OPY and Ameche-Dayne RBY

    Looking at RS Offensive stats, if he keeps it up, I think he has a reasonable shot at these awards. RS- is tied for league lead in overall TD's at 9 total. RS- is second in overall rushing yards at 701 and tied with two others for rushing TD lead at 8. RS- is leading the league in...
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    Live Streaming

    Anyone know of a website that will show the game live? I unfortunately only have the internet and can only watch it online so if someone has a website that will show the game that info will be much appreciated!
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    The Game

    Who is everyone rooting for in B1G The Game! I have to root for tOSU over Michigan
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    Live STreaming

    I live in Fort Lauderdale and am wondering if anyone has a live streaming link? I dont think it is on TV down here and wish it was!!
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    ESPN TOP 60

    I was on ESPN rankings for 2014 and saw that Minnesota has 3 players ranked in the top 60 (Top 30 to be exact). I know about Jones and what he can do, what are the chances we land the other two? The players other than Jones are Rashad Vaughn and Reid Travis. All three players play a different...
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    Gophers Bowl Projection

    I have scanned the internet and see that the majority of sports stations predict the Gophers will play against West Virginia in a bowl game. I think this would be a good game considering how high West Virginia was early in the year, I just dont think we stand a chance winning. My opinion on...
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    Overall I think this program is on the rise and we will be better in the years to come. Yeah some of the old hacks will complain, but if you compare this years squad with last few years squads, it already shows we have improved. On the offense. Nelson looks like he will be a very good QB who...
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    College Gameday

    I know it is a ways off and might not happen. I think if we are 8-0 and Michigan comes to our House, College Gameday will be there as the feature game of the week. It would have everyhing they want, Rivalry, Little Brown Jug, An underdog team doing awesome, and Michigan! I really hope this...
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    Slab of Bacon

    I think it is time that Wisky hands us over the Slab of Bacon. It makes me mad that our coach wouldn't take it and then it somehow got lost in a closet yet the scores were updated up till the 70's. I think it is time maybe that a MN kid accept an offer to UW, steal the trophy back and hand it...
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    QB Gray

    As I have watched every game this year completely to the end (How I haven't hung myself yet I dont know). I have come to the conclusion that M. Gray is not our QB of the future or next year. Unfortunetely Shortell is not our QB either for the future or next year. Gray just can't QB, he is slow...
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    I just wonder what everyone's thoughts are on this matter! There is a pretty good discussion on the ESPN B1G boards stating that a lot of PSU fans want to go to the ACC! A lot of their alumni feel that they were disrespected and not welcome and that in 1994 all the B1G writers wouldnt vote them...
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    B1G Championship

    I love how coach Kill has been bringing in some great recruits and I think we will get some surprises here before all said and done. I think that this team is better than 6-6. I think we can finsihs 7-5 with next year 9-3 and then 11-1 season with a BCS bowl. Great things are coming. I say we...

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