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    A Little Reggie Humor

    I have a 20 year old daughter at the "U". She's very kind and respectful and wants to work with children when she grows up. She isn't sarcastic and I can't remember the last time she told me a joke. So tonight she sends me a text while at the Timberwolves game. "Hey Dad, I just saw and...
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    Fleck's Contract

    Did I read that Fleck's base is only $1mm? Does anybody know how that works?
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    Video: Missouri and Georgia men get in scuffle, coaches involved

    It was totally planned. Watch carefully as one of the assistants steals the other teams playbook and notes. Very sophisticated ruse. :cheer:
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    I thought I heard PJ say that the average recruit meets with the university and staff 18 times before they offer a scholarship. How does that happen with an out-of-town recruit?
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    How Could This Possibly Happen?

    The last three times (2 football, 1 basketball) we fired a coach and tried to hire a new one, we could not sign a single name from our top choices. How could this BOR or administration allow Coyle to fire Claeys before he had someone ready to go? This is negligence and a failure of our...
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    Yo baby!
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    Kunle Ayinde: First time in Cali but last time going out on the field with this team

    You're all probably correct, but possibly he meant this was the last time going on the field with this current group of Gophers. Does anyone have the real scoop on this?
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    Findings of Fact and Recommendations

    I love Gopher football as much as many of you do. I plan to remain a fan and will be just as excited for every future game as I was before this incident. I don't really care who gets fired or stays because there's not much, if anything I can do about it. Besides, most Presidents, AD's and...
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    Dissociation and Other Reactions to Sexual Assault

    For those that can't - or refuse - to understand what this young woman experienced, read below. Many of you will call this a crock of crap. Because that's your m.o. in this life. Maybe one of your daughters or loved ones needs to experience this first hand before you begin to understand...
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    Kimberly Hewitt has accomplished her mission. She believes there has been a "troubling pattern" (her words) of sexual misconduct in the football program for a few years and the athletic department hasn't done enough to stop it. She wanted to change the "culture" single-handedly. She's...
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    Which Gopher Team is Better?

    Ignoring opponents and schedules, which Gopher team do you think is stronger overall - last year's or this year's?
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    I Don't Care What The Polls Say

    After our last 3 games, we are a top 25 team in the country.
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    Time For Optimism

    Even after a 3-1 start to the season, there weren't many reasons to be optimistic. We barely beat teams that we arguably should've dominated. Then came Northwestern and later Nebraska and things seemed very bleak, despite a strong performance over Purdue. After watching the Michigan and OSU...
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    If you had a magic wand and could instantly and significantly improve one (and only one) area of our football team, which area would you chose to immediately improve our chances of winning. My pick: pass rush.
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    2013 Texas Bowl: Gophers v Syracuse

    When I watch the Gopher offense this year, I keep thinking back to the 2013 Texas Bowl and the interesting formations, shifts and motion we saw in the backfield with the tight ends, the full backs and the wide receiver. If I recall, these were new wrinkles inserted for the bowl game. What...
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    Official "Gophers Lack a D1 Ballboy and Watergirl" thread

    What really matters folks.
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    Some Observations (Feedback Desired)

    1. It seems to me that when we run play-action, we are most often doing so out of a formation that doesn't resemble the formation we use most often when we run. Doesn't that defeat the whole purpose? I don't think opposing defenses are fooled at all by our play-action and the fact we rarely...
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    Top Ten Reasons Why Kill Was Pissed At The Press Conference Tuesday

    10. Jeff Jones told him at halftime "you got to give me the ball if I'm going to win the Heisman"; 9. Mitch Leidner was whining on Sunday "I'm not sure this new throwing motion that Mike Pelfry taught me is working"; 8. Spoofin called and said "flea flickers are worthless, stop calling them"...
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    One Rube's Perspective

    I'm not a great Bball mind. I played high school ball for 3 years, mostly watching from the bench (perhaps watching from the bench had its advantages to seeing the whole game). I haven't been watching the Gophers too closely this year. I even had trouble seeing the greatness of Tyus Jones...
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    Minnesota Gopher Football's 2014 Break Out Player of the Year - Guess Who?

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