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    All 5 RBs get carries this week?

    Slightly concerned about Potts wearing down as the season goes on. 2018 - Missed the second half of his Senior year. 2019 Red-Shirt. 2020 - 10 carries. 2021 - 60 carries in the last two weeks. That's a massive jump in usage. We need to have three healthy, fresh and productive backs for the...
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    Beheading in Shakopee.

    Happened yesterday around 2:30 p.m. Yikes.
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    HS basketball records the past ten years.

    Wondering how your (or any) team has performed?
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    Let's go Joe! Get it done.

    As President-elect Joseph R. Biden, Jr. prepares to take office this week, his administration and the Federal Reserve are pointed toward a singular economic goal: Get the job market back to where it was before the pandemic hit. The humming labor backdrop that existed 11 months ago — with 3.5...
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    Bag Man!

    After all the references over the years, we finally have confirmation. Thanks Tennessee.
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    Certainly deserves to play a lot, especially over Gabe.
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    Hire Simon as OC NOW!

    Should've been done the day after the Auburn game. Big mistake.
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    Surly closing.
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    Cajun/Creole restaurants.

    My favorite subset of food by far. Long piss poor history of joints here in MN. I once frequented Copeland's downtown. A few have popped up and quickly failed. Any tips on anything here or any city/state would be appreciated. I normally don't like chain joints, but Bubba Gump has a really...
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    How many bodies are in Walz's $7 million morgue?

    I'll wait. Could that $7 million be used to help businesses that were impacted by the lockdown?
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    We are violating our curfew and our state requirements. How do we come back from this travesty?
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    The Coming Lockdown Extension (Volume 3)

    When Walz announces that he's extending the lockdown until June 4, what will be the reasons? Hospitals not ready? From the Star Tribune today, 1024 of the 1244 of the states ICU beds are occupied by patients with Covid-19 or other conditions unrelated to the pandemic. Hospitals have another...
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    Big Plays.

    Found these videos. A fun distraction if you're like me, bored and missing sports/college football.
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    Youth Basketball in MN.

    I'm sure many of us have sons and daughters who are being impacted by the shutdown. I'm curious to hear your thoughts/insights on when/if/how youth basketball will be played again in Minnesota. MYAS currently has pushed out their Spring schedule to begin in June. Tournaments are scheduled to...
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    The coming lockdown extension.

    Will it be for another two weeks, or for the entire month? What will be used as the logic behind it? Need to flatten the flat curve even flatter? Hospitals need even more time to prepare? Models? Testing? The "moonshot" to 5000 tests can't be reached, even though the Mayo/UofM upped his...
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    This season holds a special place for me. The previous summer Lou Holtz cold called my neighbor, urging him to buy season tickets because "I think we're going to have a pretty good team". My dad and neighbor went in on 4 season tickets and I went to every game that season.
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    Coronavirus Travel Issues.

    Anyone have travel plans over the next 4 weeks? Are you considering cancelling? We were very much looking forward to going to Arizona later this month but are considering cancelling. Most airlines are waiving any change fees and offering credit that must be used within a year as a refund.
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    Los Angelas.

    The people who've run this city and state have done a bang up job.

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