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    Happy 40th Birthday Coach Fleck!

    “Sure, the car is used, but it comes with a verified warranty.”
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    Through 4 weeks rank the big ten

    Nice diagnosis. By the way, Milton is a JUNIOR, not a freshman.
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    Wisconsin scenario

    Sounds like well-reasoned plan of attack, guys. I’m confident more details of this winning strategy will follow.
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    TCF Bank Stadium being evacuated as police investigate bomb threat

    It turned out to just be another PJ acronym: Build On My Bumptiousness
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    Nebraska's state AG threatens Big Ten -- time to kick Nebraska out !!

    Conference expansion is about viewership and the corresponding TV advertising revenue. The discussions above, about adding IA State in lieu of NE are ridiculous. If the B1G were to expand, it would be based on incremental viewership, and then pared down based on academic quality fit.
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    A heartfelt congratulations

    I came across this on Twitter. It was going to take a special set of events to finally make it happen:
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    Iowa City Media

    Good Lord. Get a grip. If you believe the end result is a recruiting advantage, you need help.
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    That AU KR was sprinting down the sidelines faster that PJ.
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    Offensive Coordinator Hot Board: Candidates to Replace KC

    I’m hearing Ferentz’s kid is interested.
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    Chip: Outback Bowl offers positive ending to Gophers season

    Will the Gophers still be in the Top 25, following the bowl game?
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    Interesting Wall Street Journal Grid of Shame for CFB

    Most of the B1G teams do fairly well. The exceptions are tOSU and PSU: Link
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    Gophers coming back on OSU

    It's Hohenensee vs. Schichter in 1981, outdoors and on campus. BTN managed to knock the mildew off the film to replay this moment of Gopher glory.
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    Interesting ESPN Article Happy New Year!

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