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    BG Homecoming - 4 Tickets Row 1

    $50 but open to offers. Shoot me a message if interested.
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    BG Homecoming - 4 Tickets Row 1

    I have 4 tickets for Bowling Green homecoming that I cannot use...231 row 1 with installed seatbacks. I'd love to get face value for them but open to offers if someone is looking for tickets
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    2021 Offensive Line He was on a scooter opening night with his foot/lower leg thoroughly wrapped.
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    Trying to keep up with local sports via streaming was a failure - Reusse

    Kind of ironic, given the content of the article’s rant 😂
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    Official Dec 20 - Crossover Game Watch Thread

    I thought these matchups were strictly based on standings, whether repeat or not. Is that wrong?
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    Outback Bowl Ticket Options

    Found this from a couple years ago. Think the big ten team always stays in the same place, but that could be wrong.
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    Bowl Game Ticket Dispersement

    I have, and I’m not ?
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    Morgan being evaluated for a possible concussion.

    Genuinely interested in that study as I’ve never seen data behind any set amount of time. I’ve seen data to convince me that concussion 1 causes an increased chance of concussion 2, particularly when one comes back without being “ready”. I’m just not familiar with any criteria for “ready” (1...
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    Morgan being evaluated for a possible concussion.

    I don't really get the debate on this. It's not a sprained ankle or a sore shoulder where there are degrees to how recovered the player is, all of which can technically be played through based on a judgement call. Either he's symptom free through all the stages of the protocol and cleared by...
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    Morgan being evaluated for a possible concussion.

    After 411 rushing yards, and 1 poor attempted punt ?
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    Absolutely massive result for us to survive this little opener 1-1, with some time now to hopefully work out a few kinks over the next few weeks before the real thing. Amir was just immense tonight. We were obviously dead without him. Not fair to expect him to be at that level every night...
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    4 for Miami

    Row 1, 231, seatbacks installed. $45 each or best offer.
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    Northwestern Trip

    Any tips pre/post game from those who have been before? Friday night before? Is there a designated spot for Gopher fan hang out? Thanks!
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    Major Potential Shift In NCAA Transfer Rules

    Alternatively stated I guess, playing basketball doesn't really have anything to do with being a student (other than obviously we've linked the 2 and the schools fund and profit/lose on the teams). Every student is free to transfer and be a student.
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    Coney Durr

    With all the frenzy, was it ever reported what his injury was? Didn't look great during the bowl. Hoping not major.
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    The Easy Schedule

    There's a strong narrative that the Gophers had a very easy schedule in 2016, but is it possible that this is a bit overstated? Now I admit it was much easier than last year's juggernaut schedule, I admit that we did face 3 very poor teams by Big Ten standards in Rutgers, Illinois and Purdue...
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    Selling 4 @ Nebraska...Gopher Section

    I have 4 tickets in the Gophers section for the Nebraska game and unfortunately can no longer go. Would prefer they go to Gopher fans and just looking to get face back ($65 + $5 Fee) so $70 each. Had a great time down there 2 years ago. Let me know if interested!
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    4 in Row 1 for Colorado State

    Selling 4 in Row 1 of 231 for Colorado State. Cushioned seat backs. Oak street parking pass also available. Message if interested!
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    Gophers Tailgating

    Long time season ticket holder. Looking into spearheading a small tailgate group among friends. I have a good feel for the layout around the stadium but what I don't have a feel for is specific lot details including price, eligibility/availability, specific rules etc. as well as general...

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