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    This Weekend vs Michigan

    It's all in front of us. Control our own destiny for the BIG title with a sweep. Pretty much lock up a tourney bid as well. Brutally sluggish start the first 10 min. Down 1-0 and now going to the PK. Time for the young guys to grow up and take the opportunity in front of them.
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    Flat out got out coached

    Nothing else to really say on this one. Just brutal. Good season overall obviously. But may want to look into hiring a brains behind mantra
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    Honest Question

    Why did dear ole Richard start fricking Elliot and Buggs? Is it an on going drug problem? Family member being held hostage and that was the ransom? Trying to lose? Tactic to slay his bookies wallet? That's all I got. Anyone got anything more reasonable?
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    What a disgusting Sight....

    Devoe sitting at the end of the bench in Oregons knew arena. Well, enjoy watching your team finally win a Pac 10 game. I enjoyed watching the Gophers slay #8.

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