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    Monday Fleck Press Conference

    So, if you have two days to prepare to speak to the media and then you say this stuff out loud?? IDK this seems pretty revealing that PJ never had it or lost it…that explanation seems more clueless, more floundering, more embarrassing than his worst critic could make up. He is as much as...
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    All Things Bowling Green at Minnesota Post-Game Thread

    Ya, but he's elusive...he picks up a lot of yards on the ground.
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    Jayden Pierre

    Pretty sure if I was building a roster, I'd want a pair and a spare when it comes to point guards. It depends on your offense, it depends who you have for other players...if you got a LeBron type forward then it becomes less of an might be enough if you have combo wings. I just know...
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    Suggs recent interview

    Suggs is trying to get the people off his case who criticize him for not being loyal to Minnesota and staying home to play for the Gophers. So he takes a cheap shot at Pitino hoping to make us like him more? There is nothing to be gained if there is a shred of truth to it by bringing it up...
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    PJ has his way. Another reason for playing regulars all game long is game conditioning. If starters rest often, when you play an opponent that forces you to play/compete buzzer to buzzer…your guys are tired at crunch time because they are used to sitting. Being on the field all game long is...
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    ESPN: Two Big Ten teams will make the CFP ... and Ohio State won't be one of them

    And, by that logic they’ll play either Wisconsin or Iowa this year. Boo 😠 Go Gophers!
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    Ranking the 76 Power 6 Non-Conference Schedules

    If I was Iowa (dead last), or Texas at #69, I might be a bit ashamed. Texas is expected to be a Final Four team….play somebody for crying out loud.
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    ESPN: Two Big Ten teams will make the CFP ... and Ohio State won't be one of them

    Penn State vs Minnesota In Indianapolis is my 0.6 response.
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    Hey, I know it's a gopher board but the Vikings

    I’m 100% ready for new Viking coaches. The only caveat is we gotta hire some people better at it. Interestingly, this is Zimmer’s 8th year, just like Richard. I don’t want to wait five years to confirm if we did or didn’t hire the right guy…and three more while the next guy again finally gets...
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    Band / crowd Question

    Sorry, I would prefer not to compare a football marching band to a symphony orchestra. They are two very different sounds for my vote.
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    Band / crowd Question

    Hey, hey slow down there. PJ does not believe in momentum, I’m sure you are aware. But, maybe we could manufacture some and make him a believer. He does acknowledge the crowd and their contributions. So, like a lot of PJ’s “culture philosophy” it has many ya butts.
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    What happened at end of first half?

    Your Brutus quote contradicts your statement. As a coach, you can talk, think and otherwise “coach” while still glancing at the clock. Your quote is correct: coaches responsibility.
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    Top 50 College Football Teams With The Best Culture (#8. Minnesota)

    Really?? I always saw you as some gnarly dude smoking Camels. The Princess vibe changes things. I’m not sure how many Princesses are Gopher fans……very cool.
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    Richard Pitino: “I’ve always said, if you play the games, they’re going to want you to win. And if you don’t win enough, you’re going to get fired."

    September 16th, 2021 Link to team rankings with Gopher connections. Xavier at #15 without Ben New Mexico at #29 with Richard St Thomas at #64 with Lee and the Gophers still not rated at all. What the heck? We would/should be Top 25 if they'd just rate us against who they have listed to date...
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    Ahjany Lee Offered, Class of 2022

    I'm pretty sure the line would be pretty long to sign up for a free education at St Thomas. I think he'll be fine.
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    All Things Ben Johnson Tweets

    One of many references you can probably find disagreeing with you.
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    All Things Ben Johnson Tweets

    Ya know, the blatant age discrimination thing of so many posters on this board is so revealing of our overall climate as a nation. People have no respect for the age and cultural differences of the people who make up the populace of the USA. Be it age, race, gender, sexual lifestyle choices...
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    All Things Ben Johnson Tweets

    You train your aerobic system at maximum effort in short bursts. You start at 5, 10, 20, 30 seconds and try to do the same intensity but more reps/sets etc. That’s how you build basketball endurance….at full effort … more sets. High Intensity Interval Training HIIT not your run laps gym class...
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    All Things Ben Johnson Tweets

    It takes the fastest guys 5 minutes to run a mile. To train to run at that pace they are running miles with an s. The very longest you’d every run in a basketball game is 20 seconds continuous. … maybe once a month. You stop, you start, you change your pace, you back pedal, you are in a...

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