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    Sori Marin and Wiley

    41 carries against Maryland and 30 carries the next week against Illinois. Thats just silly and I think they have the depth to avoid that going forward. 71 carries over 8 quarters is way too much. I would consider that overworked! Almost like a baseball pitcher throwing 150 pitches and asking...
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    Sori Marin and Wiley

    You think Mo is going pro? I think he comes back. A pair in Mo and Potts and a spare in Wiley. Ky Thomas had shoulder surgery early in the season but should come back strong by fall camp. As we've seen in the big ten you will play at least 4 RB's. Next year Mo should never get more than 30...
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    Official 2021 Gophers Football Recruiting Updates Thread: Links, Tweets, Videos etc

    If all of those 4 star guys who committed in the spring don't sign Wednesday I'll raise a concern, but if they all sign which is what is expected you can put that theory to bed. It's a life program and I believe the pitch is genuine. The media thinks that if PJ is recruiting well something is...
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    Sori Marin and Wiley

    Wiley in the open field is super fun. As a runner he's improving week to week. He's bulked up a ton since the spring. He should always be a 1 cut and get up the field type of guy. When he learns to lower his pad level he could be awesome. Currently averaging 6.3 yards per carry. Potts also had...
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    Official 2021 Gophers Football Recruiting Updates Thread: Links, Tweets, Videos etc

    Penn State really wants him. I think its the gophers. Tyler Johnson being his cousin has to help. If he commits we would have a trio of 6'6, long athletic d-ends in Townley, Eastern, and Booker.
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    Official 2021 Gophers Football Recruiting Updates Thread: Links, Tweets, Videos etc

    I should have said I'm disappointed that they have to take a transfer of any kind. It means there were a few misses, which happen. As long as you don't fill your roster with transfers I'm okay with it. I don't think you can build chemistry and continuity with a roster made up of lots of...
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    Official 2021 Gophers Football Recruiting Updates Thread: Links, Tweets, Videos etc

    I think he will be a nice player and help calm our defense next year. Going into year 5 of PJ I'm disappointed that they will be starting a FCS grad transfer at LB. It's what needed to be done and I hope it helps the young LBs grow. Jaydon Hood still needs to be a top target as he won't sign...
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    Will The Gophers Play Another Game This Year?

    2 weeks of trying to slow the spread should work. How many players will be out and what position groups are affected will be the deciding factor. PJ said everyone is doing okay and that the cases are mild. Hopefully they can start practicing again this weekend. With limited players and a long...
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    Official 2021 Gophers Football Recruiting Updates Thread: Links, Tweets, Videos etc

    I've always thought getting Dickerson would be a bonus in this class. The number 1 player in Nebraska going to Minnesota is wild to me. Also I'm not sure he's ever visited MN. Time will tell I guess. Ortiz looks like a player! Green and Walley are two under the guys that have star potential...
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    Official 2021 Gophers Football Recruiting Updates Thread: Links, Tweets, Videos etc

    This is a tough loss but expected. To lose Mahlman, Sulivan, and Ratzlaff to rivals really hurts. Pj isn't for everyone and other programs push the negativity. This class will still look great by signing day. Townley has NFL potential and I feel good about Gophers landing him.
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    Is there hope on D? I think so!

    The losses from the 2019 defense were substantial and left this years squad to replace 7 starters. In that group were 4 NFL draft picks and 2 vocal leaders in Barber and DeLattiboudere. AWjr and Coughlin were 2 of the best defenders this program has had in the last 20 years. Add that to a...
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    Tanner Morgan is Overrated

    The ball is coming out late. Last year Tanner was always releasing the ball on time. I think he might be hurt and that would make sense. He looks uncomfortable and a new system might be to blame. I still think the accuracy and talent are there. Yes he doesn't have the strongest arm, but he won...
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    Looking forward to next year

    I think there was a reason PJ wasn't pushing to play this season and it really shows. New OC with no spring ball and a limited fall camp. Lots of inexperience on D and in a similar boat with no spring and a limited fall. I give PJ a pass for this year even at 1-7. I think they will learn and get...
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    She has her base. That was never a race. We knew that after Melton got destroyed. The question is what will she get done in this term.
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    Presidential Election Predictions - Go on Record Here!

    What I think - Razor close election What I hope - Large difference on election night in the swing states and a winner is decided I thought I was pretty clear on that. Obviously you can't have both! Not sure what you're getting at.
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    Presidential Election Predictions - Go on Record Here!

    My prediction: Biden wins - MN, WI, MI, PA, and NV Trump wins - AZ, TX, GA, NC, IA, and OH With that Biden/Harris (get what I did there) win in a thriller that takes weeks to determine a winner. PA is the difference and we will continue to talk about election non-sense for months. I hope we...
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    What grade would you give the Gophers defense following the OT loss at Maryland?

    I'm amazed by the amount of times #55 and #45 take themselves out of the play. It's astonishing that those are our best 2 backers. I'll give Lindenburg a pass because he's a freshmen but MSM played last year, and looks slow and lost. Add this to #32 and #18 getting handled inside and #8, #34...
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    All Things COVID-19 College Football Impact

    What happens when the season gets cancelled for good? Do you think the players are going to avoid going out? Heck no, and if they have football they might avoid large gatherings. If its cancelled they might expose themselves even more and instead of being tested 3 times per week, they won't be...
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    Justin Walley Commits! (2021)

    PJ building a strong foundation for Rossi! Love the LB and DL recruiting in 2020 and the DB and DL recruiting in 2021. Lots of impressive players. Jah, Redding, Keys, Lindenburg, Burns, Brown, Dixon, Glaze, Flemming, Booker, Eastern, Dickerson, Ortiz, and Walley all names you will be hearing for...
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    Mullah Omar

    Thats a lot to blame on 1 person. The US congress has 535 member. Your state congress has 201 member. We have a national Supreme Court. A governor, a mayor, a city council, and a school board. The latter affects your life way more than any president could. Amazed how 1 person changes your view...

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