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  1. Zeppelin Gopher

    Nashville watch location?

    Shot in the dark, anyone aware of a good spot/bar to watch the Gophs in Nashville?
  2. Zeppelin Gopher

    WE'RE BACK!!!

    October 24th kick. Congrats to everyone who fought the fight. Our groundswell did it.
  3. Zeppelin Gopher

    2020 Iowa game moved to Friday night

    Biggest game of the home schedule on a Friday?? Should be a great atmosphere under the lights but the traditionalist in me hates it.
  4. Zeppelin Gopher

    Selling 4 tickets to Gophers- Hawkeyes at Kinnick

    Selling (4) tix to the Floyd game in Iowa City on 11-16 and would MUCH prefer to sell to a Gopher fan. Looking for face value- $340 total ($85 each). Tickets were purchased direct from Gophersports and are located at: Section 109 Row 69 Seats 25-28 DM me if interested. Willing to meet in...
  5. Zeppelin Gopher

    Night game for Nebraska!!

    6:30 kick on 10-12. Awesome news
  6. Zeppelin Gopher

    Crowd last night

    Haven't sifted through all the posts yet so feel free to merge this into another thread if it's already been discussed at length. But last night was one of the the more pathetic crowds I've experienced for a "big" game at the Barn. I know 6 PM games can be tough with the traffic etc but there...
  7. Zeppelin Gopher

    New Barn PA announcer

    I wasn't aware we were debuting someone new last night, and hadn't heard anything about him during the off-season. Anyone know his story? Dude had some really rough moments: *Got some names totally wrong a couple times (called Stull "Omersa" after a bucket in the 1st half etc) *Really...
  8. Zeppelin Gopher

    Goal Line Club tailgate?

    Looking for some feedback on the Goal Line Club tailgate. Has anyone here gone/enjoyed it? $45 for non members, but inclusive of food and full bar etc. Curious since we're thinking of signing up pre-Iowa game, thanks!
  9. Zeppelin Gopher

    2018 Indiana Game moved to Friday night

    Moneybags Delaney made the announcement today.
  10. Zeppelin Gopher

    Brandon Lingen

    Does anyone have any insight or understanding of why we didn't apply for a medical redshirt for Lingen last season? He only played in 3 of 13 games according to Gophersports, would be nice to have him around next season.
  11. Zeppelin Gopher

    5:30 kick for Iowa game

    Interesting start time.
  12. Zeppelin Gopher

    How about an "All things NCAA scandal" thread?

    Since the mods seem so obsessed with combining threads about recruits, games, etc. Don't think we really need 10 separate threads discussing the scandal.
  13. Zeppelin Gopher

    The kit clash

    Was anyone else seriously annoyed by this? The decision to wear all white against the gimmicky Illini grey was awful. Zero contrast, confusing to watch. Why not sprinkle in some gold or maroon to create more of a color clash?
  14. Zeppelin Gopher

    Penn St game time

    Should be announced today. We looking at a likely 11 AM?
  15. Zeppelin Gopher

    Looking for 2 Iowa tickets

    Looking for (2) Iowa tickets for anyone who wants to sell theirs to a Gopher fan. Willing to pay slightly above face.
  16. Zeppelin Gopher

    Nwestern gametime? UPDATED: 11 a.m. on BTN

    Should be announced today. Are we looking at 11 AM or shot at a 2:30?
  17. Zeppelin Gopher

    Some truly crappy analysis from ESPN

    I know not everyone has ESPN Insider, but Travis Haney is ranking the coaches in each power conference based on program stability. He lists Kill at #10 of 14 (in front of only Beckman, Ferentz, Hazell, and Wilson). Personally, I can't wait until that season opening game in St. Paul. "10. Jerry...
  18. Zeppelin Gopher

    MLS Expansion

    It sounds like thing are heating up and the next franchise will be awarded within the next two months or so. Minneapolis has an excellent chance at landing a team; fingers crossed that McGuire and co get the nod.
  19. Zeppelin Gopher

    Futbol coming to the Bank in August! - Tix Now Available for U Season Ticket Holders Man City and Olympiakos will square off at TCF. Futbol hipsters unite!!

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