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  1. StCroix


    Interesting take...I can see where you're coming from. I have seen Kendall Brown play live multiple times and always thought the same thing about him (I know, he's not Kendall Brown, but similar postion and size). I think its their length that skews the view. Regardless, this is an awesome...
  2. StCroix

    Dawson Garcia enters transfer portal

    It’s Baylor. He has connections with coaches and players.
  3. StCroix

    Say it ain't so-Parker Fox out for season

    The Minnesota curse....
  4. StCroix

    All things 2021 MN state high school tournament

    literally just said this to my wife. He misses half the game telling stories.
  5. StCroix

    Gabe in Portal

    He’d be dead to me. Not that he would care, but to me he’d be dead.
  6. StCroix

    Gabe in Portal

    I‘ve had some connections in our state as well as Wisconsin. Heard about this more than once. Pitino never worked to hard on the big names. One guy said it was almost as if Pitino thought his name was enough to get them.
  7. StCroix

    Who will be Recruit #2?

    If Fox doesn’t commit he was blowing smoke before.
  8. StCroix

    Potter hanging it up

    True. I used to ask questions over there. No bad blood,just curiosity questions especially when they had players I knew. If you don’t ask the “right way” you get labeled a troll. There’s a number of keyboard tough-guys there posting from their basement. Every board has a few, Buckyville just...
  9. StCroix

    Ben Johnson is OUR coach thread, he’s got my full support!!!

    I’m all for giving him his shot, but I don’t think this is hire to turn the program around. Kids want to go to winning programs...not what we have here. He may be a great recruiter-but it’s easy to recruit to programs that consistently win. I’ll wait to judge the product he puts out there...
  10. StCroix


    I heard EXACTLY this comment is the past about Pitino. I was told by someone very close to D1 caliber recruits that Pitino expected players to come here on his name.
  11. StCroix


    Completely underwhelmed. As will every recruit will be.
  12. StCroix

    Who is your "Home Run" hire?

    Pitino...RICK Pitino
  13. StCroix

    Carr- Foot Injury

    I hate excuses as much as the next guy but injuries are factual and will effect the team. Don't get me wrong. After the gauntlet we went through and succeed early in January and knowing what we had remaining, you sure would have never said they would go 2-6. I'm pretty confident Pitino is...
  14. StCroix

    Auburn Fan Reactions

    Oddly, when I went there it reminded me a little bit of buckyville. When they lose it’s the refs, the other teams super bowl...overall totally a fluke.

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