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    Indinia Jersey

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    Mo Ouch! - Injury Watch Thread

    That did not look good. On the replay you could see his calf muscle pop. I bet he is done for the year.
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    B1GPAC Conference

    It seems very logical for the B1G and the PAC12 to blend together and form a mega national conference. One could look at the B1G picking off the top schools from the PAC12, but I really do not see that happening. Why just add all of the top schools and not of the rest. It makes the...
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    St Thomas Transition to D1

    In case anyone is interested, here is a link to a Zoom call on St Thomas transition to D1.
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    Gopher Hole Podcast on Ben Johnson Hire

    I finally listened to Nadine's interview with Kendal Shell about the hiring of Ben Johnson (from March 24th) while I tried to mow the lawn for the first time. I would recommend everyone listen to it. Kendal and Nadine point out the tremendously positive reactions from all of the basketball...
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    Where are the GH moderators/editors?

    We have had several threads that have gone way off topic with Covid and Vaccine arguments. GH has got to take control of this crap or GH will die! People are leaving. Many have reported the problems to the administrators with absolutely no action taken.
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    List of All College Players in Transfer portal

    Here is the list of players in the 2021 transfer portal. Go ahead and help Ben scout which players we should pick up...
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    Discussion on transfer portal - Will Many Players be Disappointed?

    The transfer portal has opened up a whole new range of possibilities for players, but is it going to end in major disappointment for many players? In general, players that enter the transfer portal are looking to upgrade their situation. Many have dreams of landing a spot on a better team...
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    FIRE COYLE!!!!!! If he has hired Ben Johnson

    The uproar must begin. This is incompetence at it's worst! Fire Coyle ! Fire Coyle ! Fire Coyle ! Fire Coyle ! Fire Coyle ! Fire Coyle ! Fire Coyle !
  10. alchemy2u

    Ok Built, you are right. We need a new coach!

    I have been one of the most diehard Pitino backers. After watching them lose to NW at home. Throwing up nothing but 3‘s in the whole second half and not making any of them... WTF..... I have thrown in the towel on Pitino!
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    Dabo slams Ohio State by ranking them 11th in poll

    As if OSU needed any bulletin board material:
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    Is Bateman hurting his draft stock?

    Batemen seems to be kind of "playing it safe". He doesn't look so aggressive in going for the ball and such. Like that interception today, he didn't fight/demand the ball and kind winced when DB came in. I noticed on some other games where he didn't jump in on a tackles or generally avoided...
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    Everybody wants us....

    Gopher have been approached to attend two bubble events:
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    FSU wide receivers say school not being truthful

    This is why you can not trust other schools to do the right thing. You have a school like FSU not even telling their player the results of the tests, lying about the frequency and telling players to be quite if they test positive. There is way too much money and personal interests on the line...
  15. alchemy2u

    How many potential NBA players on the Gopher roster?

    I know this is early, but it could be fun and it is a sign that the Gophers are recruiting better players. From not having any players get any B1G conference honors, to having back to back seasons of producing NBA players. Now we have a group of players that could see several go on to the NBA...
  16. alchemy2u

    Is the Foundation of College Basketball Built on Cheating?

    We now have direct evidence that many of the most successful and "marque" programs in college basketball cheat to win and keep their stature as the top programs in the country. Duke, UNC, Kansas, Arizona, Kentucky, etc.. are all paying players/families/handlers or arranging fake classes. All...
  17. alchemy2u

    Reaction of TB Bucs coach to drafting Tyler Johnson

    This is great to hear what the TB coach said about drafting TJ!!!!
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    Suggs interview on Kare 11 at 6:30

    Just watched a short interview with Suggs on 11. They built it up saying what a great player he was and that he was going to Gonzaga. And that even though he was not going to the U that he wanted to represent Minnesota. In the interview he said he was proud to be someone from St Paul that...
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    Everything Anti-Pitino Discussion...... Please put it all here and not in other threads.

    Here you go! The same small group of posters can conduct you of all of your echo chambers in here and please leave all of the other threads alone!
  20. alchemy2u

    I still support Pitino.

    Just thought the board could use a little support for our coach. Can’t let the turkey vultures take over.

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