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  1. BTChamp

    Week 3 Other Games Thread

    Bielma looks like a prolapsed ass.
  2. BTChamp

    Week 3 Other Games Thread

    As soon as one starts to get somethng going, they find a way to "Munson" themselves.
  3. BTChamp

    Week 3 Other Games Thread

    Is this going to be the same as the Nebraska-Illinois pillow fight?
  4. BTChamp


    Looks the same going in as going out. But so delicious and well worth it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. BTChamp

    Looks like a new road uniform for tomorrow...

    They don't look as fat after Labor Day. The colors go well together, but I'm not a fan of white "M". Probably becaue of the disgusting loss at Whyowa in 2019, and they had it against the The Tatoo Parlor State this year. It's like growing up knowing snakes are everywhere and so you are always...
  6. BTChamp

    Week 3 Other Games Thread

    Maryland coach is the picture of good health.
  7. BTChamp

    Week 3 Other Games Thread

    Does Mary suck that bad or does Butt Bulimia have something? I know they lost to UTSA, but I hope Mary sucks this bad.
  8. BTChamp

    Gophers should play in U.S Bank Stadium.

    HAHA. You said donkey-dongs. I'm not mature sometimes.
  9. BTChamp

    Benjamin St-Juste

    This is where I want to talk shit about Jim Harblow at Missagain. But maybe they made a decision based on what they thought was right. Or maybe they just aren't smart in shitville.
  10. BTChamp

    Minneapolis (and campus) from the International Space Station

    In your face, out of state bank!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. BTChamp

    Top 20 Best/Worst Stadium Bathrooms (Best Bathrooms: #6. Minnesota)

    I thought it was the job in between head coach of Arkansas and head coach of Illinois, but I heard they added head coach of Nebraska in there too.
  12. BTChamp

    Top 50 College Football Teams With The Best Culture (#8. Minnesota)

    HAHA. That's so funny. I went to the Indiana-Southern Illinois game a long time ago (15 years-ish). A friend had tickets, and we thought it would be fun. SIU won the game, but it was exactly as you said it. I was so shit-faced by game time, that I went in about the 2nd quarter and I was told...
  13. BTChamp


    On the first drive!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. BTChamp

    How the eff do we watch Pac-12 Network?

    No shit, with the dopey looking dorks dancing. Or the constrant stream of "if you have moderate to severe blah blah blah". Or maybe those aren't on normal/sports channels. They're about every other one on Discovery and History and those channels.
  15. BTChamp

    How the eff do we watch Pac-12 Network?

    There's 5 about every one minute anyway................... :ROFLMAO:
  16. BTChamp

    Week 3 Other Games Thread

    Illi Okay Sinsinatee Tek State Mishuhgan Purr Don't Bama Tek State State State State State And finally I'm going with Etc. again but closer than the experts think.
  17. BTChamp

    All Things P.J. Fleck Rumor Mill Thread - Listed as Candidate for Other Jobs

    I was just drinking a beer in PJ's garage and he told me he isn't even thinking about it. OK, I was in my own garage talking to myself and......................
  18. BTChamp

    Week 3 Pick-Em: Minnesota at Colorado

    2-0 Gophs on a MSM safety as time expires.
  19. BTChamp

    So USAToday says

    ErDink Smith wrote this. Need to go TP his house.
  20. BTChamp

    The headline in the Sunday paper will read?...

    "How does Scott Frost still have a job?"

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