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  1. Seany

    Defensive Struggles

    The defense looked pretty poor, but you also need to keep things in perspective a little bit. That offensive line they just went up against is the best line in all of college football, while the Buckeye wideouts are top-notch NFL talent and will be by FAR the best group of receivers we'll face...
  2. Seany

    Say it ain't so-Parker Fox out for season

    Right? Just an odd, odd way of sharing that particular piece of news.
  3. Seany

    Say it ain't so-Parker Fox out for season

    What a shame, and what an absolute shit break for Fox first and foremost, and then for the program, the coaches, the team, the fans and etc. To lose by far our best recruit like that before he'd even had a chance to wear the uniform just seems like the epitome of Gopher basketball, like some...
  4. Seany

    Ben talks to team thread.

    He sure had a way with words, didn't he? He was a remarkable man.
  5. Seany

    All Things Chet Holmgren Recruitment Thread (Class of 2021, Gophers Have Offered)

    Not sure how recent this is or whether it really even means anything at all, but I just noticed that Chet is now listed as being 'Warm' towards Minnesota on 247, so hey, that's at least a little exciting, no? One can dream, one can dream.
  6. Seany

    Hey! Look at who is back in the transfer portal and who else just entered it

    Thanks for the updates, coolhandgopher. The portal is so large and there is so much continuous movement that it is really, really tough to keep up with. And yes, there is STILL an absolute shit-ton of quality talent (both starting and complementary level) in the portal, with more being added...
  7. Seany

    Thorson: "I'm just so thrilled be here. To be home and be part of his program and his vision is unbelievable."

    He's a good coach, and given his many years of experience, I expect he'll provide a real counter to the inexperience of Ben Johnson. It's always good to have that wise and wily old guffer (think the non-drunk version of Shooter from Hoosiers, heh) on staff for an inexperienced coach, and I am...
  8. Seany

    An apology

    Nice job, UPAndUnder. You don't often see apologies on internet message boards, where there is literally no consequence even if one behaves like an utter douche, so this was like a breath of fresh air.
  9. Seany

    Gabe to Iowa State

    Well I wish Gabe the best. KInd of bummed out that he decided to leave, but I get it. There's a lot to be said sometimes for just going for a fresh start somewhere new. Either way, life goes on, Gopher hoops goes on, and yeah. Just gotta keep on rolling with them punches.
  10. Seany

    Hey! Look at who is back in the transfer portal and who else just entered it

    I think it's well worth it. They've got some really, really good writers across all sports, and they've got regular discounts for students, educators, essential workers, and etc. There's a ton of great reading on that site.
  11. Seany

    All Things 2021 NCAA College Basketball March Madness Tournament Thread

    Baylor's defense = just stifling. If there is any team out there capable of restraining Gonzaga's offense, that's gotta be the one.
  12. Seany

    Assistant Coaches

    Agree. With so much movement and so much in flux right now, not only with Ben getting settled in but also with all the player movement and uncertainty across the NCAA landscape, the workload right now must be absolutely ginormous. RE: the portal, I'm sure Ben's already got some ideas of whom...
  13. Seany

    All Things 2020-2021 College Basketball Coach Hire/Fire Thread

    Might just be crazy enough to work?
  14. Seany

    Assistant Coaches

    Ha! Love it!
  15. Seany

    Assistant Coaches

    Welp, according to a wide survey of coaches undertaken by Jeff Goodman, Tom Ostrom was voted by his peers as being the 4th best assistant coach in the B10, and being the associate head coach at IU under Archie Miller, he is currently unemployed. Ostrom is a Minnesota grad (class of '97), is...
  16. Seany

    Ben Johnson is OUR coach thread, he’s got my full support!!!

    I as always am hoping for the best. No matter what, it should be exciting and a massively welcome change from the sheer drudgery of the Pitino era. I do agree with all those who believe that it's pretty dang cool to have a local guy coaching the team, so there is that, and I'm hopeful that Coach...
  17. Seany


    Well this is good to hear, and I appreciate your input. Any ray of hope right now is pretty much worth its weight in gold.
  18. Seany


    It's a hell of a choice, man. Talk about a high, high, high level of risk. If this doesn't go well, it might well be a job-ender for Coyle, and it probably should end it for him. After going through 8 years of frustration with Pitino, to have whiffed on his successor by taking such a huge...
  19. Seany


    Wow, I am well and truly shocked. I have absolutely nothing against Ben Johnson, but of all the names being bandied about, he's who we hire? I don't understand it and honestly just feel terribly let down by this news. Having never been a head coach at any level, I am completely baffled as to...
  20. Seany

    Next Gopher Head Coach

    This is where I'm at. I'm down with Smith. What is he known for (beyond winning)? Immediate turnarounds. It's said he's got a bit of a PJ Fleck-ish personality what with his high energy and intense nature, and I am totally good with that, as it's gonna take a lot of energy and forceful spirit in...

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