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  1. Gopherholefan

    Gophers back to practice

    Gophers are back today according to Jeff Goodman.
  2. Gopherholefan

    11AM Next Saturday at NW

    According to the gopher football website, the game next Saturday is an 11AM game. Time to put the Iowa game in the past
  3. Gopherholefan

    Iowa fans rushing on the field

    Is weird to see against us. I understand that they rushed the field because of our ranking, but it actually makes me feel a little better about the loss. A weird feeling to see the opposing fans rushing the field after beating us.
  4. Gopherholefan

    Mohegan Sun in 2020

    Hall of Fame tip-off at the Mohegan Sun With UCF, Marquette, and Rhode Island per Rothstein
  5. Gopherholefan

    New College B-ball Refs Unis

    Why the change? I don’t personally like it ... any thoughts?
  6. Gopherholefan

    Iowa resume vs Minnesota

    Iowa Record 22-11 SOS 75 Non-Con SOS 285 Quad 1 4-10 Quad 2 7-0 Quad 3&4 11-1 NET 44 Best wins by NET- 9, 22, and 48 Gophers Record 21-13 SOS 30 Non-con SOS 150 Quad 1 5-11 Quad 2 7-2 3&4 9-1 NET 57 Best wins by NET- 12, 12, and 17 In my opinion we should have a better seed tomorrow than the...
  7. Gopherholefan

    Shooting shirts

    Almost every team (maybe all teams?) across the country in these conference tourneys are wearing shooting shirts that say family on the front with their schools logo. What’s the point of this? I believe they are all Nike as well.
  8. Gopherholefan

    Dunking in Warmups

    Was at the game on Sunday and couldn’t believe that both teams were dunking during warmups. I noticed this in the last three minutes of warmups when the gophers came back up on the floor and both teams were doing their layup lines. Multiple Hawkeyes were dunking and Omersa for sure from the...
  9. Gopherholefan

    No Dupree Again Today

    Due to a “lower leg injury”. Is this still due to the infection or is this a new injury? Obviously I know he was out on Thursday night as well
  10. Gopherholefan

    Another bracket projection- NBC Sports 9 seed currently facing Notre Dame with Arizona St possibly in 2 nd round
  11. Gopherholefan

    More Maroon or Red?

    Will there be more maroon than red in the crowd on Saturday? I’m starting to think there will be more red as the ticket sites have more tickets listed than usual. Obviously I don’t know who is buying the tickets, but my guess would be not gopher fans.
  12. Gopherholefan

    20 Game BT Conference Season? - ESPN article

    Izzo thinks that it will happen down the road.
  13. Gopherholefan

    6th yr for Fitz

    According to the twitter machine Fitzgerald has been given a 6th year!!!
  14. Gopherholefan

    Fleck is attending the NFL Draft

    According to Schefter, Fleck is one the confirmed college coaches attending the draft. I would presume this is more for the WMU receiver than anything?
  15. Gopherholefan


    Why can't Turner find better announcers (mainly color commentators) for their channels during this tournament? The amount of mistakes they make is astounding. The lady today during the gopher game was awful. I thought she was Doris Burke at first. The color commentator at the Salt Lake City...
  16. Gopherholefan

    Springs injury effect on NCAA seed

    Just heard the announcers on tv say that Oregons seed in the tourney may be affected by Bouchers injury. Will Springs injury possibly put us in a lower seed?
  17. Gopherholefan

    Senior Day

    Does anyone know what time senior day actually starts? All gopher sports says is to get there early as it is before the game. Well how early would you have to get there to see them recognize the seniors?
  18. Gopherholefan


    Why doesn't he wear a headset? How can he communicate with his assistant coaches without one? Are there any other head coaches that don't wear one?
  19. Gopherholefan

    MN HS State Tourney/ DLS

    I noticed last night that the TC hoops czar ( has started posting his previews of the upcoming high school basketball season. While reading the previews of some of the better teams in the state, I noticed one thing that caught my eye, and that is De La Salle is still...
  20. Gopherholefan

    On the bright side...

    At least Gus Johnson is going to be calling more games this season according to the commercials on the BTN. :clap:

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