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  1. MGGopher

    OL Appreciation Thread

    FMLizard posted this in another thread: . I knew they were talented, but I had no idea it was that insane. In light of this info, I think we need to appreciate what the OL did last night. 400 yards of offense, including over 200 on the ground against that talent is super impressive. Morgan...
  2. MGGopher

    All Things 2021 Gophers Football Fall Camp Thread (Tweets, Articles, Videos and more)

    Thought it made sense to have Fall camp news in one place, so feel free to post here if you'd like. Thought I'd kick it off with this gem of a tweet which indicates some meteorologist should check the weather in hell.
  3. MGGopher

    [Post Game] Spring Game Reactions

    Wow, that was FUN! Lots of energy, very clean and quality play, rapid pace, trick plays, and decent production quality from B1G Net. Here's my biggest takeaways: We've got two B1G quality starting QBs. Both made multiple quality throws. Morgan looked loads better than fall 2020. Annexstad...
  4. MGGopher

    Current Bowl Projections

    After the disastrous loss in College Park, who would've thought the Gophers would be in the bowl mix late in the year? Here's what I found this afternoon: ESPN: TransPerfect Music City Bowl Nissan Stadium (Nashville, Tennessee) 3:30 p.m. on ESPN and the ESPN App Bonagura: Minnesota vs...
  5. MGGopher

    Media Predictions Thread: Iowa @ Minnesota

    CFN: 7 writers (plus Clucko) for Iowa, 6 for Minnesota Bleacher Report: Minnesota 31, Iowa 27 Odds Shark: Computer picks Iowa: 30.4 to 29.2. Public is betting Iowa to cover -3.5 at a 55% clip.
  6. MGGopher

    One year ago today: #17 MN, 31 : #4 PSU, 26

    Don't play this video unless your chili is somewhat cool. If it's already hot, you're in danger of having it boil over -- or, as Mike Grimm said, "go nuclear."
  7. MGGopher

    OL Appreciation Thread

    Brian Callahan, we salute you. Down two starters -- both of whom are returning All-Conference players and NFL prospects -- this OL continues mauling. Mo is on a historic rushing pace, and despite the fact he's clearly VERY good, you have to pat the OL on the back. They're consistently running...
  8. MGGopher

    Predict the Score Thread for Maryland?

    Didn't see an official predict the score thread for Maryland, so if I'm correct it doesn't exist, perhaps this can serve the purpose. If it exists, go ahead and merge this post to it and accept my apologies. Disclaimer: I have nothing to give the winner, and in fact, I'll likely not even go...
  9. MGGopher

    Fall Scrimmage Snippets

    I'm so desperate for Gophers football that I played this in slow motion twice to see who was making plays. Takeaways: Josh Aune is starting at LB Benny Sapp is running with the 2's, which means Nubin is probably starting at S (not surprising) Bryce Williams still has no vision Treyson Potts is...
  10. MGGopher

    Illinois selling "fan cutouts" packages

    If UM did this, I'd absolutely buy a package and pay the extra $50 for a PJ Fleck signature and shipping. I'm guessing it would get more traction in MN and cost a bit more, but I hope they're considering it or something similar...
  11. MGGopher

    Stadiums in which social distancing won't be an issue

    I'll kick us off with Northwestern...
  12. MGGopher

    247: Drafting next year's 16-team CFP (Check out #15)
  13. MGGopher

    The Athletic subscription deal: $19.99/year

    Sorry for the OT post, but I heard a ton about The Athletic website/app towards the latter part of the season and wanted to share that I just pulled up the app to read one of the 3 free articles you can get per month, and when doing so I saw an ad for 66% off an annual $20/year...
  14. MGGopher

    Poll: Bowl Game & Opponent Preference

    I was originally planning to post a poll asking which bowl matchups/locales would entice you to travel since I'm having a debate with my family about going (obviously everyone was going to the Rose Bowl, but less excitement now). That said, I've seen a lot of debate in the bowl projections...
  15. MGGopher

    Gophers #15 in both AP & Coaches Polls

    Behind all 2-loss P5 teams (Oregon at 13 and ND at 14 in both polls). Not surprised, and I'm guessing they'll fall to about this spot in the CFP rankings as well...
  16. MGGopher

    Updated Bowl Projections

    Not a ton of movement as expected. Most outfits have MN beating Wisconsin and going to the Rose Bowl. Those who predict a loss go with the Citrus or Outback. ESPN (Schlabach) Vrbo Citrus Bowl Camping World Stadium, Orlando, Florida Jan. 1, 1 p.m., ABC Schlabach: Auburn vs. Minnesota ESPN...
  17. MGGopher

    You want to see this: BTN "The Journey" cinematic highlights of MN - PSU

    Chili. Nuclear. I love the quote by Fleck at the end...basically that this win was monumental, but it's really just a stepping stone for even bigger wins and accomplishments. Then he says to the team, "And you know what I'm talking about." B1G? Natty? Love the confidence...

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