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  1. WAGopher

    Should Players Receive an Extra Year of Eligibilty?

    I think all players on teams that aren’t playing this year should receive an extra year of eligibility. I realize this creates a conflict with scholarship limits, which poses other questions. Also, incoming freshman scholarships could be affected too. A solution would be to grant the players an...
  2. WAGopher

    The Republican Sophie’s Choice: Trump or Bolton.

    Excerpts from John Bolton’s new book were released today, which accused Donald Trump of asking China and Turkey to help him win the 2020 Presidential election, and to have China build concentration type camps for Muslims. I think it’s certain that Trump will refute these accusations. What do you...
  3. WAGopher

    3 Passing TDs, 45 Yards or More

    Can anyone remember if the Gophers have ever before passed for 3 TDs in a game, each for at least 45 yards? Autman-Bell, 70 yards, 1st Quarter Bateman, 45 yards, 2nd Quarter Bateman 47 yards, 3rd Quarter
  4. WAGopher

    Gopher players vs Yellow Jacket players

    Did anyone else notice that the Gophers looked bigger and faster at nearly every position? I thought it might be the white uniforms making our guys more noticeable, but after rewatching part of the game, it reinforced my perception that we just had better athletes than Georgia Tech.
  5. WAGopher

    Should MSU's Gholston be Suspended?

    The Big Ten is reviewing William Gholston's behavior in last weeks Michigan game for possible suspension. The video linked below clearly shows how bad he twisted Denard Robinson's neck and punched Taylor Lewan. I don't think it's a matter of if he gets suspended, but for how long...
  6. WAGopher

    Urban Meyer Criticizes NCAA Enforcement

    He talks about how not enforcing recruiting violations has created a wild, wild west in college football.
  7. WAGopher

    GI Reporting Michael Amaefula committing

    Per GI: Finding defensive ends that can get to the quarterback at the college level is not an easy job. Minnesota hopes they have found a gem in Arlington (Texas) Bowie defensive end Michael Amaefula. The three-star prospect out of the Dallas-Fort Worth area took a visit to the U this weekend...
  8. WAGopher

    Play4theU website

    I don't know if this has been posted, but there is a new website up at: It has bios on the coaching staff, facility info, traditions, game day, etc. The old website redirects to it.
  9. WAGopher

    Murray Warmath Retirement Reason

    Another thread prompted me to wonder why Murray Warmath retired at age 59? Was he forced out, or decide he had enough coaching? We seem to be able to discuss why all the other coaches left, but it seems a bit of a mystery as to why Murray retired at a seemingly young age, especially for a man...
  10. WAGopher

    Leach and Defense

    We've had plenty of discussion regarding Leach's offense, but we haven't heard much about his defense. We do know he hasn't had terrible defenses at TX Tech and has in fact had some very good defensive games. While I have Leach in my current top 5 new coach's list, I do have a concern about his...
  11. WAGopher

    Lower Rated Recruits and Minnesota Players

    We've signed a few players that were not highly recruited and they may be great prospects. However, I'm wondering if the Gopher program would be better served by offering some of these scholarships to Minnesota players that have gone to other D1 schools like NDSU?
  12. WAGopher

    Seantrel to USC

  13. WAGopher

    Are there any plays they run for Hoffarber?

    Apologies if this has already been discussed, but I couldn't find it: In the last 2 games, it seemed there were times that running screens for Hoffarber would help him get off some 3 pointers that could have given us the W. I'd think that as hot as he has been, Tubby would find ways to get him...
  14. WAGopher

    Are any Running Backs visiting this weekend?

    I 'm hoping we pick up another big running back this year. Donnell Kirkwood is a good get, but I'd like to see one more big guy for our Pro Style game.
  15. WAGopher

    AFCA 1960 Coaches' Trophy Information

    I can't find the original thread, but I think it was myles_long that posted a link to an article on the website that accused Tim Brewster of being less than honorable by displaying a 1960 National Championship trophy that wasn't produced until 1986. A little internet search...
  16. WAGopher

    We only lost by 3!

    We only lost by three to a pretty good Wisconsin team on a day we were out of sync. The season is not lost because of this one game.
  17. WAGopher

    Interesting Mason Quote

    On the Big Ten Network's Behind the Scenes this week, Mason and DiNardo were going over some plays, and Mason said to DiNardo something like "That's what you offensive coaches say. Now us defensive coaches say this ...." When has Defense ever been used to describe Mason's coaching acumen?
  18. WAGopher

    Recruits and Playing Time

    Maybe I missed some interviews, but it seems like this year's recruits aren't mentioning immediate playing time as much as last year's class did. If so, this shows that Brewster is targeting recruits with the mindset that they are coming here to compete for a starting job, not that it will be...
  19. WAGopher

    Is Maturi pressuring Brewster?

    I sure hope not because I don't believe an AD should try to direct the Head Coach. But the talk about Cosgrove has me wondering, and a little worried, that Maturi is trying to influence Brewster's picks. Here's what we've heard: 1. Sid says Maturi is recommending Cosgrove and at the same time...
  20. WAGopher

    Insight Bowl is Official

    Maturi accepted the Insight Bowl invitation to play Kansas.

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