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    Thanks Players

    Remarkable turnaround from last year. Nothing to hang their heads about. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    question about next year

    many have psoted they think this team will be better next year. someone needs to explain to me how. thye have no guards this year and still won"t have any next year. Andre Hollins will be a freshman SG trying to become a freshman PG. Sampson and Iverson are not going to become all conference...
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    Harbaugh / Stanford Article

    good article on what the right hire can do for a program.
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    How they win matters?

    This was the question in a different thread and the vast majority agreed it did matter how the Gophers looked in beating South Dakota. If the Gophers in fact pull out the win I wanna see how this performance is sugar-coated by the board. I assume the first exucse will be looking ahead to USC?
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    last 1:15 of the game

    seriously down by 6 and let them dribble 30 sec of the clock. terrible decision. should have fouled and make them earn it from the line while extending the game. no exucse for that by Tubby. don't know how that strategy can be defended. if it can be go right ahead and try and convicne me otherwise.
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    Tired of watching

    I don't know for how many years a Gopher team that simply no matter who the coach is that has no chance of winning a meaningful conference road game.

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