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  1. GopherHusky

    WCCO Football Story

    Jason Stahl seems like a nice, unbiased individual.
  2. GopherHusky


    He doesn't pay for his porn.
  3. GopherHusky


    Matt Smriga declined?
  4. GopherHusky

    Was letting the clock run out at the end of regulation and going into OT the right call?

    36 seconds left when Fleck could have called a time out.
  5. GopherHusky

    rumor mill.......jd speilman

    Vastly improve our special teams return game
  6. GopherHusky

    Bielema Hired By Illinois

    Could make a dent in Fleck’s Illinois recruiting. Looking forward to some of those battles.
  7. GopherHusky

    Places you’ve seen (college) games and places you’d like to see games

    Have been... Auburn Washington Washington State Oregon State Minnesota Texas (Good ole Army days!) Want Colorado
  8. GopherHusky

    rumor mill.......jd speilman

    A super senior like Kim Royston!
  9. GopherHusky

    Gophers receive a commitment from Annandale, Minn. OT Logan Purcell

    The young man comes from a great family. Excited for him and hoping he can make an impact in the B10.
  10. GopherHusky

    Scholarship count

    I think they’ll be at the NCAA allowable size.
  11. GopherHusky

    Best Off Season of My Life

    Spring practice starts in about 3 months!
  12. GopherHusky

    Fleck = Brewster crowd

    Atone for your sins here....
  13. GopherHusky

    Gophers receive commitment from Florida wide receiver Douglas Emilien

    Table. Reminds me of an old Army story from Private McKay. (Read this in your best Boston accent) ”I got in a fight with 20 Rangers. I kicked 10 of their asses. Then I got sucker punched. With a god damn table.”
  14. GopherHusky

    Gophers receive commitment from Florida wide receiver Douglas Emilien

    Not trying to hate on the kid, just don't typically hear 4.74 and a highly recruited receiver. Thought it was actually a typo at first. RTB

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