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  1. bottlebass

    500,000 and still counting

    I remember when KGF mocked me for saying we'd hit 500,000 deaths in this country. Well here we are and still counting and not even close to done. We have new variants, a slow vaccine roll out and the risk of turning this into a constant battle for the rest of humanity. All because a large...
  2. bottlebass

    Market Watch

    As someone else said in the corona virus thread if this turns into a world recession this could be a once in a decade investment opportunity. Want to start making predictions on when and what the market bottom will be? The feds just did an emergency rate cut. This is getting serious!
  3. bottlebass

    Time to start believing

    All my casual gopher fan friends and non gophers fan friends all season have kept saying "we haven't beat anyone good" etc etc. We've all heard it. And although I'm a huge fan and was enjoying our wins part of me agreed with them. But I've never seen a gopher team legitimately dominate other B1G...
  4. bottlebass


    Was really hoping he had figured out his dropsies issue but it sure doesn't seem like it. He had 2 big ones last night, one on a really good pass, one I personally think was a catch-able ball just a little high. He's got to clean those up.
  5. bottlebass

    Can Morgan throw 40 yards?

    Some pretty solid evidence
  6. bottlebass

    Gas vs Inertia shotguns

    Time for a new shot gun, what's everyone think? I've always been told by everyone inertia is more reliable especially in harsh weather like MN. I think the gas guns have come a long way, are lighter, easier to clean now, and have less recoil. Guys at gun shops are really recommending gas guns...
  7. bottlebass

    2019 Gold Cup

    Don't get to see the USMNT dominate like that too often. And it was awesome to see a game here in the Twin Cities. I hope they make playing at Allianz Field a regular thing. Next up is Trinidad and Tobago on Saturday.
  8. bottlebass

    Do people really still use cash

    ?? Seriously why are you still using cash? I'm surprised to see such a push back against cash free stores/businesses. I feel like states pushing these laws are taking a step back. I only use cash at places that accept cash only which are fewer and fewer now...
  9. bottlebass

    2019 MN United In-Season thread

    Season officially starts tomorrow on the road at Vancouver. Game is at 5pm. Our defense has been our weak point the last 2 years and in the off season they made major moves to improve the defense. They went out and paid for a defender of the year, got a DP who is a defensive midfielder, got a...
  10. bottlebass

    Championship game

    Is anyone even actually interested in this repeat? On one hand I'm amazed at the dynasty/s, on the other hand seeing the same 2 teams is really freakin boring to me.
  11. bottlebass

    Legit news sites

    OK I see this thrown around here all the time and I think we had a thread on it one time but couldn't find it. Are there really any actual legit news sites? Everybody has sites they use and think they are better than others but they are all biased. Can you name one that isn't?
  12. bottlebass

    UCF and the CFP

    If UCF beats Cinci, and wins out and is undefeated for the 2nd year in a row do they get in?
  13. bottlebass

    Trump Signed

    "two bills at the White House on Wednesday aimed at lowering pharmaceutical drug prices by promoting greater disclosure in drug pricing. The two bills the president signed — the Know the Lowest Price Act and the Patients' Right to Know Drug Prices Act — are meant to prevent "gag clauses" in...
  14. bottlebass

    Hurricane Florence

    Diehard, are you going to flee or be a man and ride it out?
  15. bottlebass

    Rodney Smith

    I'm sorry if someone already started a thread but any news on Rodney? Anything at all?
  16. bottlebass

    Timed media time outs

    Is that something new this year or was I just too intoxicated all other years? I liked the timed media time outs. In years past it seemed some were 5 minutes and some were 2 minutes so it was nice knowing how long they would be. And it seemed they had a set number for the game because half way...
  17. bottlebass

    BWW and sports betting

    I think this is a genius move and hope it is implemented ASAP.
  18. bottlebass

    3D Printed Guns Just wondering what everyone's take is on these. I'm usually very pro gun, but something about this just doesn't seem right to me and I'm leaning against these being available for the public. Unfortunately the blue prints were already put on the...
  19. bottlebass

    Tiger Woods

    Is he back? Momentarily had the lead in a final round at a majors today... Played 4 good rounds. Could he be back? Obviously he won't be the same dominating Tiger he use to be but maybe he could get another major?
  20. bottlebass

    Who is Collin Martin

    The Minnesota United midfielder who is the first openly gay professional male athlete. So very proud he plays for a Minnesota team and felt comfortable enough to come out. I can't imagine how difficult that was for him...

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