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  1. BTChamp

    Extend Scott Frost

    The last straw at getting Nebraska back to relevance is a colossal failure. We as Gopher fans need his ineptitude to remain as long as possible. Can we think of ideas to keep him? If the fat ugly guy at Illinois beat him in his first year, Frost just took one in the toast. Somehow we need to...
  2. BTChamp

    Not another prediction

    Again, apologies if this is already out there somewhere, but we're getting close and my chili is getting warmish (and I've had a few cold beers already). Actually this is a decent breakdown. Didn't fact check any numbers he posted about numbers of players change from last year or anything...
  3. BTChamp

    New Nebraska Unis

    Frosty and Nebraska don't like hoodies so they decided to go with this. OK maybe not, but it is funny. Sounds like this is not new, so apologies if it has already had its...
  4. BTChamp

    Golden Domers

    I'd like the thought of the Golden Gophers having golden lids (only temporary of course) like Notre Dame (not identical, but similar). As far as I know no other team has "Golden" in their official name (I'm sure there are but I'm dumb)!!!!. I'm not talking actual gold flakes like ND, but make...
  5. BTChamp

    Mike Grimm Appreciation

    Am I the only one that thinks Mike's voice is the best on the planet? Honestly, when he yells "Touchdown!" is awesome. He deserves some credit his way. He makes my chili hot. Honestly, thanks Mike for everything you do. You are the best!
  6. BTChamp

    Why The Minnesota Gophers Are The Biggest Sleeper Team....

    Hopefully this hasn't already been posted, but if so, apologies. There is so much content out there these days. This kid is pretty on point. He missed a few minor things like name pronunciation, and small details, but the overall content was there. I'm sure he does this same type of thing...
  7. BTChamp

    Sam Renner Appreciation

    Not sure if this has been posted yet, but just found it on youtube. Thanks Sam for everything. Truly blessed to have you be a part of this team.
  8. BTChamp

    Dramatic Gopher

    I'm watching one of the multiple replays of last year's games on youtube. This one is State Penn. One of the comments was from someone that said he spit out his coffee when he saw the Dramatic Gopher on a field goal attempt. The reply was they had been doing that since TCF opened. I had no...
  9. BTChamp

    Rise of Minnesota Football

    Apologies if someone already linked this, but I thought this was a cool video on YouTube. Gave Kill credit, and then lead into Fleck. Pretty down to earth nonbiased view.
  10. BTChamp

    Beauty before it was Beautiful

    So, the nation I live in just lifted the alcohol ban for the next 2 or 3 days. My first reaction was get as shit faced as possible and watch old Gopher games. I'm watching I think PJ's 1st Minnesota game and it was against Buffalo. Just watched Connor Rhoda throw a strike to Mr. Johnson. Not...
  11. BTChamp

    Culture - Rashod

    I thought this was a great example of why this program is special. At the end of the video, pay attention to Rashod picking up Tanner's mouthpiece. My first thought was "Forget about me, I love you". As I sit here and have a couple beers reminiscing about last season, this reminded me about...
  12. BTChamp

    Recruiting Spending

    An interesting slideshow on MSN. Shows the amount of money 55 public colleges spend on recruiting all sports vs football only. Some surprises. Minnesota is up there. Each slide shows football data from 2018, but there is a paragraph on the last slide with some jargon about 2018 and 2019 and...
  13. BTChamp

    Way Too Early Top 25

    ESPN has the Gophs #19. Behind Boise, Cincinnati, Iowa State, Oklahoma State. Many things will change from now until the official rankings come out, but it is still fun to talk about it...
  14. BTChamp

    GameDay Signs

    I had to do this. As I'm watching the beginning of College GameDay I see a sign in the back "Jim Harbaugh eats boogers". Some things just make me laugh. Any good ones you guys see?
  15. BTChamp

    James Franklin

    I never really paid a lot of attention to James Franklin until I heard he and PJ are good friends. Now I have new level of respect, and listen to what he says more. This is his press conference after the Gopher game regarding going for 2. He handled it about as well as he could. Had some...
  16. BTChamp

    Rose Bowl

    ESPN has The U vs Utah in the Rose Bowl. They're thinking Minnesota wins the West and loses to OSU (I'm guessing). Rose Bowl Game presented by Northwestern Mutual Rose Bowl, Pasadena, California Jan. 1, 5 p.m., ESPN Bonagura: Utah vs. Minnesota Schlabach: Utah vs. Minnesota The Rose was...
  17. BTChamp

    Best team in town

    With the Twins season over, no professional hockey team in the metro area, no professional basketball team in the metro area, and half a professional football team in the metro area, is Gopher Football the hottest ticket in town now? The fans sure showed up for this game.
  18. BTChamp

    Nebraska is the BIG's biggest disappointment

    I thought this was good and worth looking at. It's all about the hoodies!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  19. BTChamp

    Special Teams

    What happened from last year to this year? Not just losing players, something has changed. Without looking at stats, last year I was supremely confident in coverage and returns. Field goals was above average. This year seems to be a focus of concern. Rob Wenger had an all world special...
  20. BTChamp

    Final Season Ranking

    Something interesting I saw on the "History and Stats" tab on here was how many times the U has finished the season ranked in the AP. According to this, since 1968, the U finished the season ranked in 2003 and 1999. If that is true, in the last 51 years they've finished 2 years ranked. Looks...

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