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    Baker Mayfield, UFOs, and Bigfoot...
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    LaFontaine returning

    Great news. Get ready for another run for the Championship!
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    P5 Covid-19 Postponed Games List

    Baylor v LA Tech Okla State v Tulsa TCU v SMU VA Tech v NC State Feel free to add as more happen...
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    Pac-12 daily testing
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    Brohm Plan for two Season 2021

    Interesting read. Good first attempt at how a two season 2021 might look/work.
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    UVA Changes Logo...
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    Post your best/worst first-hand, eyewitness IA fan experience!
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    #13 in AP Poll

    Gophs #13 PSU #5 Iowa #19 Wisc #18 Mich #14
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    Coaches Poll #13

    Gophs #13 PSU #5 IA #19 Wisc #17
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    Marcus Sherels

    Sadly, I think his NFL days are over. Great run, though. He would be a great former player to get involved in the program.
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    #17 in AP Poll

    Gophs 17 PSU 6 Wisc 13 IA 20
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    #16 in Coaches Poll

    Gophs 16 Penn St 6 Wisc 13 IA 19
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    Blake sure doesn't look slow or undersized in that Jets Uni. Still always around the ball.
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    Fresno State stadium

    Curious about others' take on Fresno's stadium, atmosphere, etc. My group was close to the field by the endzone. Long hike up and down. Built into a hill I think. Crowd seemed into it for most of the game but by mid 3rd Qtr, the home side was maybe 1/3 to 1/4 full...a lot of fans left. BTW...
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    PJ Fleck Show

    Fleck very honest with his assessment. Confirmed they ran very basic O and D against SDSU, but hinted they are ready to open it up going forward. Said Morgan managed the game well. O-line was very average in its play, and they didn't adjust well to what SDSU was doing. There were a lot of areas...
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    Helmets Sans Paddles

    Others notice the helmets didn't have the canoe paddle/beaver tails on them?
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    Somebody's poisoned the waterhole!

    Guess whose name is on the bottom of Annexstad's footcast...
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    Full Banana?

    Were the gold tops just a tease, or will there be a possibility for full banana in 2019?
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    PP: Strong finish, returning starters

    Greder: Next year the Gophers will welcome back nine offensive starters, including top running backs Rodney Smith and Shannon Brooks, expected to return from anterior cruciate ligament injuries that deep-six’d their 2018 seasons. The defense, resurgent under new defensive coordinator Joe...

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