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  1. kisarazu

    All Things P.J. Fleck Rumor Mill Thread - Listed as Candidate for Other Jobs

    I don't know. He's one of those weird underdog outwork you types that really carries a chip on their shoulder. He could probably do alright at a number of those schools. Would they feel more rewarding? Obviously, I'm not PJ, I have no idea. But I do feel like most of the reasons for people...
  2. kisarazu

    Who cares about RB depth if we never use it

    I have a feeling that we'll see a new face get a carry in the RB position come Colorado.
  3. kisarazu

    How did the defense let Miami back in

    I disagree. It's more an inconsistent defense. There are some good pieces in there. The third quarter is what is biting them and what solves that is player growth and coaching. I'll shelve my concerns on defense for now. I'm more concerned about the offense, like why Wiley is getting...
  4. kisarazu

    John Shipley: Gophers’ defense remains unsightly

    I have a feeling that Shipley doesn't watch many Ohio State football games...
  5. kisarazu

    Defensive Struggles

    I mean, based on what I saw, I can't really be all that upset at the defense. Ohio State has... 1) of the best OL in the country. 2) ...the best WR group in the country. 3) young athletes all over the field. It's tOSU. I mean, they routinely destroy their opponent in the BIG TEN...
  6. kisarazu

    tOSU 4th String QB, Ewers, Siged $1.4M NIL Deal!

    Here, I highlighted the sentence for you.
  7. kisarazu

    tOSU 4th String QB, Ewers, Siged $1.4M NIL Deal!

    I actually think this is going to cause the opposite to happen. The haves and have nots have already long been established. When you start throwing money deals around like this, there may be a quite the discrepancy of haves and have nots on the very same team. At least the NFL has a league...
  8. kisarazu

    Shama: It appears Minnesota will have to total over 35 points to have a high probability of winning Thursday night.

    Heh, exactly. "In our next segment, we'll dive deep into how to turn on the lights in your living room."
  9. kisarazu

    Nebraska and two days!

    Will Frost be fired after the first game?
  10. kisarazu

    ESPN's FPI predicts every game on Minnesota's 2021 schedule

    On a related note, EA will be returning to college football soon. Been too long.
  11. kisarazu

    ESPN's FPI predicts every game on Minnesota's 2021 schedule

    Don't tempt me! (It does sound fun. Could probably use the Godot engine and turn it into a college football sim game...)
  12. kisarazu

    ESPN's FPI predicts every game on Minnesota's 2021 schedule

    As a software dev, I can say that that a team of programmers would be unnecessary. You could get that algorithm done over a weekend. The design going in would probably take a week (by one person) of thinking it over. The longest task, and probably the only task involving other people (no...
  13. kisarazu

    ESPN's FPI predicts every game on Minnesota's 2021 schedule

    I honestly have no idea why Colorado is favored.
  14. kisarazu

    Gophers football team has a "significiant number" of COVID-19 vaccinations among players and staff

    (I apologize for biting on this, and I won't go further on it in this thread.) Expecting vaccines to be 100% preventative and 100% preventative from spreading is impossible. They never have been. They do, however, greatly increase the odds of preventing one from getting something, or getting...
  15. kisarazu

    College Game Day's Kirk Herbstreit's Blunt Message

    One way or another, there was always going to be a paid minor league. What the FBS looks like when the dust settles will be interesting.
  16. kisarazu

    12-Team Playoffs, What's next? Players opting out?

    I like it. I've been hoping for a true minor league for football and when the dust settles, whatever is left will be exactly that.
  17. kisarazu

    UT to require Longhorn Band to play the ‘Eyes of Texas’ but will create new band for those who oppose song

    How is this not satire? "In March, a UT committee tasked with researching the song announced its findings, stating the intent of 'The Eyes of Texas” was not “overtly racist.'"
  18. kisarazu

    ESPN: Ranking all 130 college football teams in tiers for the 2021 season

    Hey, Ball State's only loss was to Miami (Ohio) and San Jose State's only loss was to Ball State. That's uh something. Their combined wins against P5 the past two years have been... uhh 1 (against the dumpster fire Arkansas). :unsure:
  19. kisarazu

    Thoughts on 1 Division?

    These ideas happen because they don't want Northwestern being in the championship. They want OSU and Mich.

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