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    Colorado Game Seating

    Thought I’d start a thread solely dedicated for folks to announce how many tickets they procured (maybe cost per ticket and source of the tix (stub hub etc)) and in which sections they’re located in. Figured the other thread can e for travel, lodging, restaurants and bars? I’m still trying to...
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    Season starting hype video?

    I can do without reports from “fall camp”, I can persevere without the fish wraps having inside info on the team and I can even survive without a depth chart. However, I’ll be sorely disappointed if there’s no exciting, inspiring, and fist-pumping-raise the roof Hype Video released soon.
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    Sanford is new OC!

    Anybody see this coming?
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    Will the Gophers season translate to better ticket sales?

    Everyone is excited about the direction of the program - but will that result in Minnesotans opening their wallets?
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    Gopher Bars Outside of Minnesota

    There was a thread several years ago regarding where Gopher bars were located for out of state fans. Figured it was time to renew it as my Portland bar is no longer so a new list would be nice for when all of us may be on the road. From a personal standpoint I’m hoping that included in the...
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    How can injury bug be back with new S&C coach?

    After all the complaining, posturing and finger-pointing blaming the Kill era S&C coach (?Klein) for playing a role in our injury predicament last year, I find it interesting that no one has questioned the competence of our new coach. Personally, I think most injuries are unpredictable, random...
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    Junior Day in February

    I think I read somewhere that our Junior Day is occurring soon after NSD. Anyone have any knowledge of the players who have confirmed their plans to attend?
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    How many scholarships are left?

    I was going through TDG and Scout rosters, signing lists and scholarship lists to try and determine how many scholies were left to distribute for this coming year. It's basically impossible since there isn't any verifiable source for which prior walk-ons have been awarded scholarships, and if...

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