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  1. GopherJack

    Ahjany Lee Offered, Class of 2022

    And you know it will! Probably, because......well, that's just our Gopher/Minnesota sports team luck. (although, at least UST is located in our state)
  2. GopherJack

    Concessions at the first game.

    I had an overpriced armpit dog (hot dog). A packet of mustard and ketchup were included (I get that during Covid they can't have the condiment stations). Concourse was way too congested.
  3. GopherJack

    Providence Academy (MN) Star Maddyn Greenway Catches up with GopherHole

    2026? Plenty of time to change her mind.
  4. GopherJack

    UConn football coach Randy Edsall to step down immediately Someone refresh my memory. Weren't we looking at him as a potential head coach years ago?
  5. GopherJack


    Pro tip - Allopurinol
  6. GopherJack

    OSU Postgame Thread

    Two things: 1. Did anyone else notice that when they recognized Gable Steveson during the timeout that the scoreboard had his last name "Stevenson"? (shades of he Sandy "Stevens" Stephens ticket printing debacle of a few years ago) 2. Not everyone got the maroon towels as they entered the...
  7. GopherJack

    D1 prospect Ahjany Lee transferring to Totino-Grace

    Per the Rochester Post Bulletin, the 6-9 forward will transfer from Byron to Totino-Grace for his senior year. His coach was shocked by the move and only found out through social media. Apparently Lee had been practicing all summer long with his Byron teammates. Lee has numerous D1 offers...
  8. GopherJack


    There were issues pre-pandemic with getting enough help to work the concession stands (and fill condiment stations :) ) I hope there is enough staff to serve people, and that the lines aren't horrendous trying to get food. BTW.....are we still paying people to stay home and not work?
  9. GopherJack

    Masks requirements inside Huntington Bank

    Don't get me going on the condiment thing. I was one of those left holding my hot dog with nothing to put on it......
  10. GopherJack

    Has anyone seen any marketing by Coyle to get this opener sold out, sell some more season tix?

    Make sure to hit up the Grumpy Old Neighbor (WCCO radio) with some quality ads. They have folks that still remember the "good old days", plus they don't stand at games.
  11. GopherJack

    Happy 60th Coach Kill

    Didn't Kill also make the football players get out of bed in the morning and go to breakfast at the team training table? (baby steps) I do credit Jerry for shoring up team academics and pointing the ship in the right direction.
  12. GopherJack

    Gophers to hand out 50,000 rally towels at Gophers/Buckeyes game

    I've punched a grommet through the corner of mine and clipped them on my golf bag. They make a perfect golf towel!
  13. GopherJack

    Nebraska under investigation

    Geeez, talk about polar opposites in looks and media presence. Alberts looks and sounds like he should be hosting a game show, and Frosty looks like he just got off the couch after watching/dozing on and off after a Saturday full of football games.
  14. GopherJack

    PJ Fleck Book Signing August 1st Eden Prairie

    Of course.....Minnesota Nice
  15. GopherJack

    Gophers in the 2021 NHL Draft

    Thanks ILH for the in-depth look at why and how their recruiting works. I would hope Motzko and staff are equally as proficient and thorough in their recruiting. If Michigan keeps this up, they will be tough to beat.

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