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  1. OldBob53

    Hunting Wolf Hunters

    I won't do it if it means getting in trouble, but is it possible a State could pass a law legalizing hunting wolf hunters with proper permits and authorizations? What sport that would be, and of course the wolf hunters would be armed and entitled to self defense.. This is timely because word...
  2. OldBob53

    Motorcycycle Talk

    Some of you must own or consider owning one, so maybe this will work. Im in the "considering" stage.
  3. OldBob53

    Motorcycle Talk

    Ive got this one high on my list as sort of a super moto, 45 hp, 28 ft-lbs, 364 lb curb weight. It bites harder than it barks.
  4. OldBob53

    The Insurrection Hearings

    The 4 assaulted officers' testimonies is gripping, and they represent about a hundred others also injured or in one or two cases killed. My question is, why didn't they fire their weapons? If you try beating a cop with a baseball bat, as in one case Jan.. 6, he's going to draw his gun and...
  5. OldBob53

    Duck For Cover

    Several states Trump controls -- Arizona, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin -- decertify the election and announce Trump won their states' votes or some such nonsense. Nonsense but none the less enough bullshit to allow unanimous Republican Congressional demands for removing or reversing the...
  6. OldBob53

    The Next Time the Capitol is Attacked

    We're Strong, You're weak. We're manly men with hairy chests, you're pussies. That was pretty much the message of the last insurrection/attack and it certainly looked that way live on TV and in footage reviewed later. That has got to stop, not only at the Capitol but generally in Republican...
  7. OldBob53

    Threatnin Omens

    Cicadas or some alien orange striped thing that sounds like em is back, and early too. And now all them quakes from way down the deep delved Earth near the California Mexican border. Coincidences you say? Well the rightful President can't even speak hardly now that the media's cut him off...
  8. OldBob53

    Don't say nothin bad about the Jews

    They are a superior breed, Albert Einstein case in point and you can find plenty more with scant effort. God appointed them his chosen people, we know that. Don't poke the bear in other words.
  9. OldBob53

    Were wise to you bitches
  10. OldBob53

    They Walk Among Us
  11. OldBob53


  12. OldBob53

    George Floyd Appaulogists, Capitol Assaulters, QAnoners Listen Up

    You want war? You can have it. Im Ulysses Grant 2.0 and you can have war now.
  13. OldBob53

    They Walk Among Us

    Aliens that is.....
  14. OldBob53

    Make-Believe Civil War

    I don't see any smoke nor hear any boooooms, so is all this kerfuffle about Trumpetc. a media thing more than a real thing?
  15. OldBob53

    What about Air o planes?

    What if one of these boogaloos bois or etc. know how to fly an air o plane? How they be stopped?
  16. OldBob53

    Looks like its pretty hairy

    Rules of engagement --
  17. OldBob53

    Who Will Lead Them?

    Hundreds of thousands, perhaps several million, Patriots stand ready to fight for President Trump. Who will lead them?
  18. OldBob53

    Trump Can Yet Salvage His Place in History

    By a strong show of force vs. our global enemies, POTUS can secure a lasting legacy, despite recent erosion of his prestige. A ground invasion of Russia would likely catch Putin with his pants down. Likewise, once that front is opened a second thrust into China would no doubt catch them by...
  19. OldBob53

    Maroon and Gold?

    Why are the Gophers wearing violet pants and helmets?

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