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    NM State Football: Uncharted

    12 days until NMSU. :cool: NM State Football: Uncharted | Ep. 1 | Expectations
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    ESPN: Minnesota FB fanbase happiness ranked 107 of 128

    Looks like Hello-world posted 2 minutes before I did. Feel free to delete or merge. -------------- According to ESPN's CFB fan happiness ranking, Minnesota is 107 of 128. --- "Distraught. Can P.J. Fleck use his elite motivational tactics to place the Gophers among the Big Ten elite?" ---...
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    test class comparison

    =========================== 2011-18 CLASS COMPARISON =========================== 1) For better or worse I only used 247. 2) Kill/Claeys and company were good at finding RB and defensive diamonds. 3) Fleck got the Gophers being picked over Clemson in a multi-part feature on ESPN. It...
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    This is our coach. ^^

    Fleck might be over the top, but dang-it, I smiled a lot.
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    OSU Fan Opinions

    Thought I'd investigate where to read some OSU fan opinions. Benny's House - This was the best forum I could find. - Some good stuff in the comments section. "Lucas, Collins, and Nall are probably faster than any player on Minnesota. Big question for me is can Garrettson...
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    Changing the Game Plan

    If this is posted elsewhere, feel free to move it! =-) I just love seeing so much gold when I went to the college football part of ESPN.
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