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  1. GopherJack

    UConn football coach Randy Edsall to step down immediately Someone refresh my memory. Weren't we looking at him as a potential head coach years ago?
  2. GopherJack

    D1 prospect Ahjany Lee transferring to Totino-Grace

    Per the Rochester Post Bulletin, the 6-9 forward will transfer from Byron to Totino-Grace for his senior year. His coach was shocked by the move and only found out through social media. Apparently Lee had been practicing all summer long with his Byron teammates. Lee has numerous D1 offers...
  3. GopherJack

    Wanting to split two football season tickets

    We have 2 tickets in sunny corner of endzone. Sec 117 row 30 Each season ticket's total cost is $490 (ticket price $310 + donation fee $150 + handling fee $30) As each season ticket is $490, the per game price would be $70. So the group that gets 4 games would pay $280 per ticket ($70 x 4) and...
  4. GopherJack

    Looking to split our 4 season football tickets with another group

    We have 4 tickets in sunny corner of endzone. Sec 117 (2 tickets in row 29 and 2 tickets in row 30 right behind the ones in row 29) Each season ticket's total cost is $490 (ticket price $310 + donation fee $150 + handling fee $30) We would alternate years for number of games attended and do a...
  5. GopherJack

    Yahoo Sports: Son of Jerry Sandusky arrested on child sex abuse charges
  6. GopherJack

    Proposed CFB Recruiting Changes Could Help Northern Schools

    Not sure if this has been discussed before, but it could be good news for us.
  7. GopherJack

    Question regarding maroon wrist band

    I was looking at some old photos and saw one of me wearing a maroon wrist band I remember getting at a Gopher game in the Metrodome about 10 years ago. If I remember correctly, it had something to do with creating awareness for a new football stadium. Do any of you Gopher Holers remember...
  8. GopherJack

    Michigan pulls offer from longtime OL recruit weeks before signing day Do we have a shot?
  9. GopherJack

    National Anthem "Men please remove your hats"

    Honest question here. I never really thought about this til last night as I removed my hat for the National Anthem. So the woman in front of me wearing a Gopher cap is not required to remove her hat, but the men around her are? Can someone explain the history and or reason for this? (I'm...
  10. GopherJack

    Need help in choosing a U of M tailgate tent and Flag Pole

    Our group is making the trek to Fort Collins in September, and plan on tailgating. My brother is looking to buy a tent and also the "under tire" flag pole. He asked me to ask the GH gang for suggestions on a good tent and flag pole. Pictures and web page links would help too. Thanks!
  11. GopherJack

    Minnesota vs. Illinois 2010 game replay on BTN now!

    Horton's first win as interim coach.
  12. GopherJack

    Roll Call - Who's going to Lincoln this weekend?

    We have 5 of us heading down Saturday morning. Staying at the Embassy Suites downtown. We can't wait to check out the new Pinnacle Bank Arena and watch another Gopher victory!
  13. GopherJack

    Your concession stand experience--good or bad?

    I went to get a hot dog and diet Coke at the end of the first quarter and was told "sorry, we are out of diet Coke". How the heck can that happen?! Now they did say they would have more soon, but why wouldn't you have the concession stand properly stocked before the game started? Also, my...
  14. GopherJack

    Having a "heater" at TCF Stadium

    A friend of mine (and season ticket holder) was always able to go outside the dome (in a caged in area) and have his smokes. I don't believe he will be able to do that now at TCF.....right? Is there any smoking at all on the grounds of the stadium?

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