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    Drew Robinson hits 1st HR in comeback quest - missing an eye Cool story. But this reminded me of Kirby. I always thought for sure he was going to give one eye hitting a shot. But never did.
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    Congress really hates us

    That bill is atrocious Hopefully Trump (doubtful) vetoes
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    US House votes 228-164 to pass historic bill that would decriminalize cannabis

    The House did the right thing senate needs to follow suit
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    Glen Greenwald Resigns from The Intercept, which he co-founded

    Today I sent my intention to resign from The Intercept, the news outlet I co-founded in 2013 with Jeremy Scahill and Laura Poitras, as well as from its parent company First Look Media. The final, precipitating cause is that The Intercept’s editors, in violation of my contractual right of...
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    the Great Barrington Declaration

    The petition, which is named the Great Barrington Declaration after the town in Massachusetts it was signed in, was written on October 4 and has signatures from at least 2,826 medical and public health scientists, 3,794 medical practitioners and over 60,000 members of the general public It...
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    LETS GO! Tyson vs Ray Jones Jr - Sept 12
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    Who broke Congress? Good interview with Justin Amash, libertarian leaning congressman. Transcript in the link.
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    Review: Michael Moore exposes wind and solar energy in new documentary Summary: Michael Moore’s most recent documentary, Planet of the Humans, is an honest criticism of “green energy.” It exposes wind and solar energy as little more than desperately fake measures aimed “not to...
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    Name a Gopher you thought would be really good, but wasnt

    Name a Gopher that on first impression, thought would be really good, but it didnt happen Player: Antoine Broxie
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    Legislators, Met Council look to decriminalize light rail fare evasion

    People caught riding Twin Cities light rail trains without paying would no longer face a criminal penalties, under a plan Democratic legislators and the Metropolitan Council will push at the Capitol this year. The proposal also would add uniformed “transit ambassadors” to monitor the trains...
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    You Had One Job!

    This is one of my favorite Twitter follows. You should definitely follow this account. But I will post these from time to time in case you dont follow.
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    "Kushner cut him out of major foreign policy decisions" says Rex Tillerson

    I didnt elect Kusher. Get his sorry a$$ out of the white house. Hate the nepotism Trump's first Secretary of States, Rex Tillerson, told lawmakers in a closed-door interview that Trump's senior advisor and son-in-law Jared Kushner frequently cut him and former Defense Secretary James Mattis...
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    Assad dropping truth bombs in Newsweek
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    CBS ranks Gophers the worst of the remaining 16 un-beatens Tanner Morgan is third in the Big Ten in passing at 255 yards per game, and running back Rodney Smith is one of three Big Ten players that average more than 100...

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