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    2022 Minnesota Bowl Projection Tracker

    The only way BYU is going to a NY6 bowl is if they beat Arkansas (which I'd say is unlikely) and win out.
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    Purdue tickets left

    Someone on the other board said they called and said they needed the cheapest tickets available and they got 3 in section 202 for $35 each + fees. Probably worth a call to see what they have.
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    Purdue tickets left

    If there are extra tickets, hopefully the U releases some more to the students at the end of the week
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    Purdue tickets left

    Sounds like there are some deals to be had if you call the Gopher ticket office. Student tickets also are sold out now.
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    Mo in the NFL?

    People also said Mo would struggle to come back from the Achilles and/or would never be the same. At this point, I would never doubt Mo.
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    Purdue tickets left

    Seems like it was pretty damn quiet in Camp Randall the last time the Gophers played there with a crowd
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    Quick look at remaining opponents after week 4

    Well, remember you are talking to a Wisconsin fan.
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    Get fucked, Sconny 😥
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    Uniforms at Michigan State?

    All white with maroon numbers. The image I saw looks pretty slick
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    Uniforms at Michigan State?

    I don't know the reason, but it sounds like they are only able to have 3 different colored helmets. I guess we will see if this ends up being true.
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    All Things 2022 Gophers in NFL Thread

    I'm guessing his injury history cost him some necessary speed and may be a red flag for teams.
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    Uniforms at Michigan State?

    Scuttlebutt is we may not see the yellow-gold lids this year. White may have replaced them for this season.
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    Uniforms at Michigan State?

    Likely storm trooper look coming
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    Michigan State Roll Call - Who's In and How Many in Your Group

    I'm in. Flying to Detroit tomorrow and then headed up to EL on Saturday with an old roommate (non-Gopher fan). Where is everyone pre-gaming?
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    Chris Autman-Bell injury

    Yes, Clay Geary is playing a 7th year currently under this premise.

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