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    “One of the funnier twists on this new dynamic”

    you really think it isn't going to impact on the field stuff? Imagine the hotshot incoming QB has an NIL deal related to playing time. But the player stinks and get benched. The backup QB has no NIL money, but goes in and lights it up. They decide to go with the backup QB the rest of the...
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    “One of the funnier twists on this new dynamic”

    I'm waiting for the first kid who has the big NIL deal to get kicked off a team Or just being a bad player and gets benched Can't imagine Tennessee will look back on the $8M QB as a good decision
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    Texas RB Bijan Robinson has signed an NIL deal with Lamborghini of Austin. 🔥

    They aren't out to make money. Pride in that they are funding the football team. No different than the boosters paying SMU back in the day
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    $8M NIL Deal📈

    The unregulated NIL deals are going to ruin college football What are the chances some jealous dude on an opposing team takes a run at the guys getting these big NIL deals? Might make the SEC games vs the cupcakes quite interesting.
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    Cheney in the portal

    Don't get your accronym confused NLI = National Letter of Intent which players sign prior to enrollment NIL = Name Image & Likeness, which is a contract to receive money for endorsement s
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    Cheney in the portal

    I agree the timing seems rather odd. one week left in the season and a week-long trip to a bowl game along with the bowl gifts/swag. pure speculation on my part, but perhaps "entering the portal" is the new way removing players from the roster for whatever reason (off-field incident, grades...
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    Worst name change for a bowl?

    Beef O’Brady’s Bowl
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    Fleck set the tone of the game with our first score

    This is exactly my thought also. 7pts there and we control the game. Even if you dont make it, trust you defense to hold them and get the ball back at the 50 on next possession. Missed opportunities
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    Anyone else struggling to get their electronic tickets for Illinois game?

    App not working for me still. I stumbled into a link feom the gophersports website and was able to save to my phone also
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    Transferring your tickets...

    You are questioning the savy of our Athletic Dept to set up a new ticket distribution system? The same one that couldn't figure out how to sell beer and make a profit? LOL
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    Band / crowd Question

    Reminds me of the 3rd down chainsaws at Oregon St
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    Bill Moos

    how would they get a more "football-friendly" AD? Moos was AD at Oregon during their rise in football. he also hired Mike Leach at Wash St and oversaw their rise from irrelevance before taking the Nebraska job. he also got it done for the fanbase by hiring the Golden Child to coach the FB...
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    Trey Lance: 'I would've thought that I was going to play quarterback at the University of Minnesota'

    Developed? I am still not convinced how one season at FCS makes him a top QB prospect. Heck, Steveler had better stats at USD ....
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    Pitino Relieved of Duties

    Pitino wasn’t even low-major. He was at Florida International of all places With only mild success in year 1 18-16. Hired on recommendation from Billy Donovan and name only.

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