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    Great profile in The Athletic: Ko Kieft’s journey to Bucs: Garage beers, rat tails and small-town NFL dreams

    Great story. Bet he makes it. Another example of great writing from The Athletic.
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    Ray Romano To Play College Hoops Coach Jim Valvano In Biopic

    Can't be any worse than Karl Malden playing Herb Brooks.
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    All Things Gopher Baseball

    BTW, we're not the only ones scratching our heads. Look at Nebraska. They also have a good baseball history and are struggling mightily. Hey - we won a series!!
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    Blaise Andries

    Don't know if it's still true, but at one time, it was better to be an UDFA than a 7th round pick. Money was better, especially if multiple teams wanted to sign you.
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    Most likely transfer portal targets according to Gopherhole

    Based on absolutely nothing, I think they only take 1 more, unless he's a real star, and throw the last scholarship to Ramberg for his hard work and contributions.
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    Stumbled across this today

    Thanks Dengue. Good info. Don't know if Michigan had any time outs remaining but 5 second runoff and clock starting at ball placement probably ends that game.
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    Stumbled across this today

    Good question but believe it would be automatic 10 second run-off for intentionally stopping clock. Since there were 6 seconds left, game over. BTW, horrible defense by Indiana on last play.
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    Gophers target: Morehead State PG Ta'Lon Cooper (5.9 APG)

    Overall, happy with Cooper, especially if that's who BJ wanted, but like a few others on the board was hoping for more of a very quick, dribble penetrating point who could hit floaters, a few layups, draw fouls and dish. Know they don't grow on trees but it seemed every successful tourney team...
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    Gophers target: Morehead State PG Ta'Lon Cooper (5.9 APG)

    Probably an unpopular take here but maybe Ben has seen enough of Thiam on practice that he thinks he can back-up Cooper from 5 - 7 minutes. Know he was out of control most if time last year but the game often slows down for guys after their freshman year. If so, give us 1 top notch shooter to...
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    Wisconsin Cheerleader Suffers Brain Injury

    Folks, it's a joke. Read carefully. Turn up your humor meters!!!!!
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    Jaden Henley committed!

    I don't care what we call him. If he can play and help us win, think it's kind of irrelevant.
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    Minnesota Football: 3 Way-too-early 2022 Breakout Candidates

    If Walley is as good as a lot of people think, our defense will be really good again. You can let him hang out on the island and double other wide-outs or blitz nickels or safeties. Lots of options if you have a lock-down corner.
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    It is time for an OL NIL fund

    Some interesting info.

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