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    They also shut down food service elsewhere and give them vouchers for food at the stadium I believe. If they want to eat, they have to go to the game.
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    2023 LB Drew Wilson commits as PWO

    Haven't they given out "Leadership" grants for years? I believe they can be very creative without actually giving out scholarships.
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    Ranking Big Ten coaches from best to worst (9. PJ Fleck); says Fleck took over a program in "disarray"

    Or is it the performance against Iowa?? Haven't seen Floyd here since 2013.
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    Official 2023 Gophers Football Recruiting Thread: Links, Tweets, Videos, Rumors

    Had Princeton and Yale offers, so he must know his math!
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    Osseo OL Jerome Williams commits!!

    Love the video. I realize that most of his opponents were a mis-match in size, but EVERY ONE of them ended up on their backs. He finishes well.
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    Gophers offer '23 4-star (Delaware) QB Cameron Edge

    Maybe we can get U2 to do the National Anthem for a game?
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    Official 2022 Roster Status - Who is Returning and who is Leaving

    And if you want to correct the whole thing it is "the root of all kinds of evil." Not "all evil" as most quote it.
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    Do we end up ranked in the top 25?

    Unfortunately not after an 18-6 victory. If we could have had better execution and a more balanced offensive plan and get the victory margin we should have had, then we had a chance. For most of the sporting world the only interesting thing about our victory was big Dan’s touchdown
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    The axe at the Vikings game

    Is it also considered a neutral site since Bloomington is an hour and forty minutes away? US Bank would be about 5-10 minutes from the U.
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    Your Gophers are amazing

    Who hates Iowa?!
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    The headline in the Sunday paper will read?...

    Gophers survive Indiana, head to showdown with hot Wisconsin Badgers
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    25 year season ticket holder

    True that. Sadly, I feel like I have watched the Gophers regress to Jose-ball this season much like Spurs did last year. Of a Twins fan (presumably) you are used to even worse!
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    25 year season ticket holder

    I guess real fans blindly accept and pay for mediocrity and incompetence year...after year...after year and attack anyone else who doesn't? Good for you.
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    I assume we will still use the full play clock on this drive?
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    Our offensive playcalling is just criminal

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