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    Norman Lear, producer of TV's 'All in the Family' and influential liberal advocate, has died at 101

    I was young, but I'm pretty sure I got a contact high just from watching it.
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    I wish he would have stayed. He ha flaws, but he would still be starting.
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    Denny Laine Dies at 79

    He's had a rough go of it it lately. RIP to a great one.
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    Gophers offer Kent State transfer WR Trell Harris

    And Sid's driving.
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    Gophers offer Kent State transfer WR Trell Harris

    That's why this site exists.
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    All Things DinkyTown Athletes

    Someone get Spam on the phone.
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    All Things TV Series Recommendations/Reviews

    I am liking Squid Games the Competition so far. Definitely a different take on competition tv. It's on Netflix.
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    NFL has really bad officiating

    The KC receiver was mugged on one of the last plays last night. No call.
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    Gophers offer MSU transfer WR Tyrell Henry

    The bold is enough for me.
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    Quarterbacks in the Transfer Portal

    Which program will be the first to say no to a kid wanting to return?
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    Darius Taylor is back next season!

    New advertising slogan. "Duck Duck beer... It's good enough."

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