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    Betts Set to Reclassify and Join Gophers This Fall!

    Ben sure doesn't seem like he expects Betts to play in this interview, talks about getting him in the weight room for a year...
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    2022 Best Burger Joint In Every College Town (Minnesota: Red Cow)

    For the love of god can we ban Big Game Boomer posts? They're all opinion with zero actual knowledge of any of the locations in the first place.
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    All Things 2023 Gophers Basketball Recruiting Thread

    Damn, this makes it sound like a big lead for the Gophers and he's just checking out Wisconsin for the hell of it.
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    Official 2023 Gophers Football Recruiting Thread: Links, Tweets, Videos, Rumors

    He's been a heavy Nebraska lean since the beginning, it was always a stretch for us to get him.
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    Celebration of life for Marion Barber III to be held at Huntington Bank Stadium

    Mason's version of the story is in here.
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    Anthony Brown decommits

    He's just on a visit, he's off the Kentucky next weekend. Will still probably commit to one of those two but he's not committed anywhere yet.
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    2023 recruiting

    This isn't accurate, Marquese Williams is visiting June 17 and has us listed highly as well as having a hell of an offer list.
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    Tweet: Spring Game Rosters Set!

    Alright so teams by position. QB: Maroon WR: Maroon (CaB, MBS> Wright, Jackson) RB: Gold (Williams, Evans the only 2 who may actually play in games that are in spring game) TE: Maroon (Not even close, don't feel like explanation is needed) OL: Push (Both have solid units) OFFENSE: Maroon, by a...
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    Tweet: Spring Game Rosters Set!

    Kramer and Morgan on the same team is...interesting, I feel as though you generally split up the starter and backup. Athan, taking over the backup role potentially?
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    2022 Transfer Portal Discussion

    Listen, I know you have confused sarcasm for wit, like many of the local sports broadcasters, but do you have anything else?
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    Luke needs your help

    If serious, he wants to be a competitive fisherman, competition and the like. For that you absolutely need a specific type of boat.
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    Houston Baptist DT transfer Kyler Baugh receives Gophers offer

    I don't get the "this level of transfer" talk. Our best transfer last year and leading tackler (Gibbens) played at a similar level before transfer, a QB from the same conference as HBU will be a starting P5 QB this year and was recruited heavily by a ton of schools. Just because they're from...
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    All Things Taison Chatman Recruiting Thread (Class of 2023, Totino-Grace HS, Gophers Offered) Talks about Iowa, Minnesota and Texas as seeming top 3 right now. On Iowa "It was really cool. I went down there on a Friday for the preseason opener so me and my dad me the whole...
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    Anybody watching USFL? (are there any Gophers in the league?)

    Looks like Donnell Greene plays for the New Orleans team. Mankato also has a lineman on the New Jersey team.

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